Celebrating The Fighters

The historic ruling in support of same sex marriage has left me with a tremendous feeling of gratitude. Gratitude to those men and women who have fought on the front lines for this freedom. 

Personally I’ve never been a fighter. I don’t run from challenges but rather I’ve always chosen to work around them. Most of the time I think conflict and battle is just a big waste time doing nothing to further change. Luckily we are all different and there are people who are unwilling to just ‘make do’ as I would. Luckily there are people who are and were willing to fight the hard fight. It’s one of those rare moments in history where we can see first hand that an individual can change the world. The couple’s behind this case are real people who wouldn’t take no for an answer. If I had been in James Obergefell’s situation I would have probably given up a long time ago. He had to deal with the heartbreaking lose of his partner only to then have to suffer through years of court battles. I don’t think I would have been strong enough. So as Pride month draws to a close and we gather to celebrate love and victory also celebrate every individual who fought the hard fight for freedom. Celebrate fighters of the past like Marsha P Johnson and fighters of the present like James Obergefell who made our parties possible. 

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