Party Talk

tumblr_lxi81yTu3c1qcp9gro1_500The next time you find yourself at a party with nothing to talk about use these helpful topics to jump-start conversation.

  • Recast your favorite movies such as, The Wizard of Oz, Mary Poppins, Waiting to Exhale, Star Wars, The Breakfast Club or Wonder Woman with current actors.
  • Recast your favorite movies with other people at the party.
  • Pick 3 people at the party that you’d have sex with.
  • If you won the Power Ball jackpot, what kind of car would you buy and where would you go on your first trip?
  • If had to be your age in a different decade what decade would it be?
  • What would be your major super power and your minor super power? (Minor super power example: the ability to untoast toast)
  • How many people at the party have you had sex with?
  • Fuck, Marry, Kill: SNL addition. Pick 3 cast members from Saturday Night Live and choose who you would fuck, marry, and kill.
  • If you had to, what reality show would you go on?
  • In a trivia contest, what topic is your specialty?
  • As people pass by you must choose what act you would do with them. Choice are: hand shake, hug, kiss, over the clothes grope, oral, rimming, anal, or anything.
  • What Olympic sport would you want to win a gold medal in?
  • Famous movies you’ve never seen.
  • Country or state with the sexiest accent.
  • Best sex ever stories.
  • Everyone must read their most recent text message and show the most recent photo on their phone.
  • Best city you’ve ever visited and most over-rated city you’ve ever visited.
  • What non-porn media have you jerked off to?
  • Pick one food you could never eat again. Choices are: Cheese, Bread, or Chicken.
  • Everyone must open Google on their phone and tell their three most recent searches.
  • Rim, Blow, Fuck: Bill Clinton, George W Bush, President Obama. Who would you rim? Who would you blow? Who would you fuck?
  • Fill in the blank: Even though everyone loves _______ I hate it (or them).
  • I’m embarrassed to reblog pictures of ______ on Tumbler.
  • I want to spend a week as _______ (someone famous)
  • The worst sex I ever had was ________.
  • The first time I jerked off was________.

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