Drag Race Season 7 Review


  1. I’m convinced the only reason Ginger had to lip sync for her life was because Rupaul needed someone to finally send Jayden Dior Fierce home.
  2. I’m putting all my money on Ginger Minj for the big win.
  3. Katya is the dark horse of the race. There is still so much unknown from her because she still hasn’t shown us her Russian Katya character.
  4. Untucked being cancelled by Logo and moved to online only is one of the key reasons for the lack of sparkle this season. If you remember all the most memorable moments from the show actually happened on Untucked.
  5. I’m so sick of seeing commercials for Cucumber & Banana that I now refuse to watch the show out of pure spite.
  6. Trixie Matel is back even though I didn’t miss her. I was never that impressed by her to begin with.
  7. Rupaul loves Kennedy Davenport for some strange reason. Her looks are basic and she’s never been funny apart from the Snatch Game. I seriously don’t get it.
  8. Miss Fame is on borrowed time. If she’s not careful one bad day will send her packing.
  9. Katya reminds me of Pandora Box’s mother.
  10. The best move Violet ever made was switching her character to Alyssa Edwards for Snatch Game.
  11. I predict the final four will be Kennedy, Ginger, Katya, and Pearl. Pearl might be swapped out with Violet depending on how the cards fall.
  12. Untucked is so depressing and pathetic this season. They clearly don’t have any money for good music or a set. I miss the Gold Bar and the Absolute lounge.
  13. For the conjoined twins challenge, who was Ginger’s partner? I totally forgot about her.


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