Shopping for Architecture

High end retailers are stepping up their game and opening architecturally cutting edge locations. If I were to win the super mega Power Ball I would go on a luxury shopping tour of the world. You can tell a lot about the luxury market by looking at the locations. It wouldn’t be a tour so much as a trip to Tokyo with a couple stops on the way.

(Starting from top left)

  1. Louis Vuitton Singapore
  2. Prada Tokyo
  3. Coach Tokyo
  4. Louis Vuitton Tokyo
  5. Givenchy Seoul
  6. Liverpool Department Store Mexico City
  7. Burberry Chicago
  8. BMW London
  9. De Beers Tokyo
  10. Tods Tokyo

7479132548_87fab37df9_z pradastore_tokyo_02_big 09-Exterior View_Night 54374a4fc07a80a74a0000b4_louis-vuitton-matsuya-ginza-facade-renewal-jun-aoki-associates_10_gmrv_003-530x794  givenchy liverpool

2012_STORE_USA_CHICAGO_01_EXTERIOR 5029c04528ba0d256400003a_bmw-group-pavilion-serie-architects_04_bmw-edmund_sumner_04-528x360

1303849436-southwest-319x500 tods_1

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