Spring Cleaning

Now that Spring is here it’s time for a fresh start. With that in mind there are some habits and trends we need to officially call an end to and leave in 2014.

1. Leaving voice mails. I’m never going to listen to it.


2. The Lock Necklace. *Eye roll*


3. Being overly sensitive. In the words of Rupaul, “Grow a thicker skin.”


4. Justin Bieber. He should do Summer’s Eve commercials.


5. Saggy skinny jeans. Pick either saggy or tight. You can’t have both.


6. Apps trying to replace Facebook. To clarify, no Ello is not a little blue Disney character.


7. The phrase, “______ is everything.” ae I literally can’t.


8. While we’re at it let’s put a preemptive strike on the phrase, “On Fleek.” Not today Satan.


9. Zach Posen on Project Runway. Where have you gone Michael Kors? A nation turns it’s lonely eyes to you.


10. Planet of The Apes Movies. Enough! Aren’t there any other old school mediocre sci fi movies you can rip off?


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