Personal Style


Trends come and go and it’s easy to get caught in the tide of the newest craze. (Chubby guys and skin-tight skinny jeans are not a good combo) Having a strong personal style can help you avoid common pitfalls but it’s something that takes time and attention. The best way to achieve a strong personal style is to have specific rules that guide you like a fashion moral compass. I decided to share my own personal style rules so you can see what such a thing looks like. However let me make it absolutely clear that these are not rules everyone should follow. These are the choices that work best for me and your own list will probably look very different. The point is to think about your own style do’s and don’ts. What colors look bad with your skin tone? Are you a hat person? Do you hate your legs so much that you still wear pants in 100 degree heat?

1. Brand Logos Are Tacky. A brand logo is advertising for that company and I refuse to be their walking billboard. Sports companies like Nike are well-known for plastering their logo over everything they sell. Even high-end brands like Louis Vuitton tend toward tacky with their logo obsessed purses. Because I am super selective the only logos you’ll ever see me wear are Ralph Lauren (and all sub-brands), the American Eagle eagle, and the Adidas triple stripe.

2. Patchwork Madras is a Summer Staple. This is a good example of not being too concerned with trends. I LOVE anything that is patchwork madras and I don’t care if it’s on trend or not for the season. No matter what fashion experts say, I’m going to rock madras every year as soon as the sun starts to shine. Over the years I’ve owned patchwork madras shoes, shorts, a wallet, a bag, and quilt for my bed.

3. No Henleys. I’m not against them in theory but they don’t look right on me. I think my neck proportion is off and therefore the buttons look out-of-place.

4. Ties are a problem. My neck is large and disproportionate to the rest of my body. Therefore wearing a tie is a problem. A shirt that fits my neck it’s often a circus tent and when the shirts fits my body there is no hope of buttoning my top collar button.

5. No Leather sandals. This one is tough to explain other than to say I just simply hate them. They make me gag.

6. Color! I hate wearing anything solid black. This goes mainly for tops and pants but truth be told I’m not a huge fan of black shoes either. I’ll even say no to a creative graphic on a black shirt. I choose navy and gray as my neutral bases. I also tend to gravitate away from white shirts however white pants, shorts, and shoes are acceptable. In all cases I’ll choose the color option every time.

7. Crew Neck= Yes. V-Neck= No. When it comes to tee-shirts, I try to always stick with crew necks. For some reason v-necks always look sloppy on me and I feel like I’m wearing hospital scrubs.

8. Kill Vacation Souvenir Clothing. This referrers to clothing that announces where you went on vacation in huge block letters. Picture all those sweatshirts that have Provincetown emblazoned across the chest. One of the best observations I ever heard was “You always know a guy has a partner when you see him wearing a P-town sweatshirt.” P-Town isn’t the only perpetrator. There is a special place in hell for all the Disney theme park clothing that is worn in everyday life. It’s all hideous but what’s worse is that you know the person spent a fortune on it because we all know Disney= overpriced.

9. Graphic Glory. While I don’t like brand logos on my shirts, every tee needs some sort of graphic. Whether it’s a funny saying or a picture of a sassy hippo, I only like tees with a design on them. I’ve tried to go outside of my box and buy a solid color shirt but they end up just gathering dust in my closet. When I do wear solids it’s often a ringer tee. I love me some ringer tees.

10. Just Say No to Black Jeans. Black denim makes me think of horrible things. You know that drunk angry guy who is beating his wife with a wife beater on? Guess what he’s also wearing black jeans. Rock stars are the only people who have a chance of pulling this look off but even they end up looking dirty.


15 Tips For Your First TBRU

Dallas-590x3051. Are you a hospitality suite person or a bar person? You quickly realize that people tend to gravitate to one or the other night after night. If you want to meet some locals the bars are a better bet.

2. Dallas locals have a rule: No Townies. They refuse to hookup with other locals from Dallas. Listen up out-of-towners, use this to your advantage. Locals are just as DTF as you are and your address is a major plus.

3. Liking someone’s Tumblr photos is not a basis for a legitimate friendship.

4. Super hotties get hit on all day every day. Your Woof! on Growlr is not unique and one of many.

5. It’s totally worth paying for Growlr premium for that week.

6. Don’t rent a car

7. A cab to/from DFW airport is about $40-50

8. You won’t get enough sleep

9. You’ll be sick on Monday

10. Take a mental pictures of the rooms at the Crowne Plaza because you’ll recognize them in porn for years to come.

11. Don’t smoke pot at the Crowne Plaza. They will find out and throw you out.

12. Skivvies has a huge selection of fun underwear but if you haven’t heard of the brand name it’s probably shitty quality.

13. As much as we all love jocks, if your ass is out in public it needs to have a thong (or piece of material) down the center.

14. Beer and wine are literally sold everywhere from gas stations to CVS and Target.

15. There isn’t a Walmart or Target nearby if you need to stock up on snacks. TBRU is situated in an area of Dallas that doesn’t have much as far as shopping. The Kroger supermarkets on Maple or Cedar Springs are the closest.

Learning to Like Your Body

the-many-adventures-of-winnie-the-pooh-24The struggle to like your body is universal and one that everyone can identify with. Don’t just accept your body, actually like it and be proud of it.

1. Don’t let one bad photo ruin your day. Yesterday my boyfriend Russ took a picture of me while we were at brunch. When he posted the picture I cringed because I didn’t like that I looked skinny. As I ate it was all I could think about and I started to go into a downward self-esteem spiral. Then I had a moment of clarity during a bite of some delicious zucchini bread. “Why am I letting one picture ruin my day?” I liked what I saw in the mirror that morning so one unflattering picture shouldn’t over rule that. Learn from my mistake. Don’t beat yourself up about a bad photo because there are so many factors at play other than just your looks. Lighting, angles, and poses all have a huge impact on the end result. Focus on what you see in the mirror not on the screen. Or in my case, focus on the wonderfully loving boyfriend across from you who is taking your picture because he loves you and thinks you’re handsome.

2. Bad clothes can happen to good people. When done right, clothes are fun and give you an extra boost of confidence. When done wrong they can make you question your total value as a human. The next time you try something on switch your way of thinking from, “I look so bad in this” to “This shirt is uglier than I expected.” Don’t blame your body, blame the clothes.

3. Acknowledge your own biases. Clothing and photography can impact how we look and play tricks with our perceptions. Unfortunately our own minds can be just as deceptive. For example, if you ask many body builders they will often tell you that they still see the skinny teenager in the mirror despite years of intense weight lifting. These thoughts are very hard to correct but being aware of them is a good start. In addition we each have specific imperfections that we tend to focus all our attention on. Personally, whenever I pose for a picture I am overly aware of how small and squinty my eyes tend to look. Therefore I overcompensate which can lead to crazy eyes. In reality everyone else is probably totally unaware of any eye issues. What stands out to me is just a minor detail to the rest of the world.

4. Turn the negative into a positive. We all have things that we are insecure about. However I guarantee there is someone out there who loves that about you. This is best evident when you see a chubby guy attend a bear/chub event for the first time. The insecurity and self-consciousness they feel in the outside world quickly fades as they realize the belly they always tried to hide is now a tremendous asset that makes them a target of attraction and attention. In addition keep in mind the grass always looks green on the other side. Skinny guys want to be bigger, big guys think thin is in, and no one is ever happy with the skin tags around their neck. Regardless of your insecurity there is someone who will love you for it. Also there’s probably a Tumblr page devoted to it.

5. Fake till you make it. Feeling more confident is an uphill battle that is much easier said than done. In the beginning you’ve got to fake it and pretend for a while until you mind and heart catch up to each other. Did you just shave your head because you were embarrassed by your thinning hair and bald spot? Make it a point to tell people how happy you are to be free of hair products and that you’re loving the extra 20 minutes of sleep in the morning now that your bathroom routine is quicker. You’ll find that even though it was a lie at first your feelings will catch up overtime.

6. Change the changeable. If you are truly unhappy with the way you look then it’s time to do something about it. It’s not easy but change is always a good thing. The word change can mean different things to different people. For one person it can mean going to the gym to get the huge pecs and arms he’s always wanted. While another person can take it to mean changing how they feel about their body. Whether you change your physical appearance or your opinion of it, both are a long journey. Personally I prefer changing how I feel about my body because I can do that from the comfort of my couch but I applaud anyone who has the dedication to stick with an arduous gym routine.