15 Tips For Your First TBRU

Dallas-590x3051. Are you a hospitality suite person or a bar person? You quickly realize that people tend to gravitate to one or the other night after night. If you want to meet some locals the bars are a better bet.

2. Dallas locals have a rule: No Townies. They refuse to hookup with other locals from Dallas. Listen up out-of-towners, use this to your advantage. Locals are just as DTF as you are and your address is a major plus.

3. Liking someone’s Tumblr photos is not a basis for a legitimate friendship.

4. Super hotties get hit on all day every day. Your Woof! on Growlr is not unique and one of many.

5. It’s totally worth paying for Growlr premium for that week.

6. Don’t rent a car

7. A cab to/from DFW airport is about $40-50

8. You won’t get enough sleep

9. You’ll be sick on Monday

10. Take a mental pictures of the rooms at the Crowne Plaza because you’ll recognize them in porn for years to come.

11. Don’t smoke pot at the Crowne Plaza. They will find out and throw you out.

12. Skivvies has a huge selection of fun underwear but if you haven’t heard of the brand name it’s probably shitty quality.

13. As much as we all love jocks, if your ass is out in public it needs to have a thong (or piece of material) down the center.

14. Beer and wine are literally sold everywhere from gas stations to CVS and Target.

15. There isn’t a Walmart or Target nearby if you need to stock up on snacks. TBRU is situated in an area of Dallas that doesn’t have much as far as shopping. The Kroger supermarkets on Maple or Cedar Springs are the closest.

2 thoughts on “15 Tips For Your First TBRU

  1. Good walking shoes. Jack in the Box open 24 hours. If you see a guy you wanna fuck, get info right away cause you won’t run into him again the rest of the weekend.


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