Goodbye Blogger. Hello WordPress.

First Winter Snow Wallp TLGAs you’ll notice The Gay Gasp has a new look and that is due to a change in blog platforms. Until now I have always used Google’s Blogger as my blog platform and for the most part I was very pleased with the service. Unfortunately they just announced that starting on March 23 they are changing their policies with regard to nudity. Nudity and sexually explicit images will no longer be permitted in Blogger. While The Gay Gasp isn’t primarily centered around nudity, I loathe the idea of eliminating it just because they tell me too. This forced me to make some decisions. First I thought about simply complying with their rules and removing all sexual images and continuing my blog in an edited PG-13 form. While I would still be able to talk about sex I wouldn’t be able to actually show it. I really didn’t like this option as I said because I don’t like the idea of someone else telling me what I can and can’t post. If I remove Joe’s Spank Me Time I want it to be my decision not theirs. Second I strongly considered just ending The Gay Gasp all together. I wondered if this was a bigger sign that things were changing and it was time for me to call it quits. There are moments when I have trouble coming up with new material and blogging can feel more like a burden. However the more I considered that option the more I came to the conclusion that I haven’t gotten everything out of my system yet and it’s not  time to say goodbye. It was at this point that I came to my senses and realized I could just move everything over to another blog service with more liberal policies. So after some tinkering behind the scenes, The Gay Gasp is now brought to you by WordPress. (And yes they allow nudity)

To most of my readers this will have little to no impact on your viewing habits. All of my new and past posts will still be found at as before. The only people this may impact are the few that actually followed by blog through Blogger. That’s the only thing I can’t replicate. Sorry to those loyal readers.

To conclude, I’ll continue to write The Gay Gasp and hopefully you’ll continue to enjoy it.


One thought on “Goodbye Blogger. Hello WordPress.

  1. Hi Joe. I read your blog all the time. Yeah, please keep posting. You made the right choice in changing. Although making this comment I have to leave my email address and name. I’m fine doing that with your blog, but I’d be reluctant to comment on other blogs because of that. I guess every platform has it’s ups and downs…


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