In Case You Missed It

With so much media to pay attention to you can easily miss some worthy stories. Here are just a couple articles to read in case you missed them.

Bear Cookbook

Via Queerty- Angelo Sindaco just published a bear themed Italian cookbook called Cooking With the Bears- Healthy Recipes for Hairy Men.  The cookbook mixes fun photos with delicious recipes. Purchase your copy on Amazon.

Thanks Obama

Via Buzzfeed- 2014 was one of the best economic years is over a decade. Close to 3 million new jobs and an overall GDP rise of 2.6%. Thanks Obama.


Via People- It appears like Bruce Jenner is very close to confirming that he’s starting the transition process to become a women. The revelation many not be a huge surprise as many have been speculating for a while that he was undergoing gender reassignment. My vote for her new name is Bea Jenner. It is close to her former male name and pays homage to the late great Bea Arthur.

Sad News

Via CNN- Bobbi Kristina, the daughter of the late Whitney Houston, was found unconscious in a bathtub on Saturday. The 21 year old is currently in a medical induced comma at the hospital. Details of the cause are still unknown.

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