8 Party Ideas for 2015

Rather than focus of the party themes I’m sick of I decided to bring you a few new theme parties I’d like to attend in 2015.

1. Swim-In Movie Night– Pick your favorite flick and project it onto a large screen outside while everyone watches comfortably from the pool.

2. High School Prom– Many of us were unable to go to prom with a date we were actually attracted to. It’s time to recreate that magical night of awkward slow dancing with a high school prom for adults. Balloons and streamers are all you need. Have a photographer on hand to take cheesy posed pictures against a lattice backdrop.

3. My So Called  90’s Party– Someone needs to begin this overdue tradition. Make way for grunge gods and Jenko juggalos to party with hip hop girls with their huge gold hoop earrings

4. Pooch Party– So many gays have dogs but there never seems to be any dog friendly gatherings. This is perfect for a spring day in the park with you favorite four legged friend.

5. Cub Drag Party– “Cub Drag” is the term I like to use for the very popular trend of suspenders and bowties. It’s replaced the argyle sweater vest as the outfit of choice especially at Christmas parties. Throw a theme party and everyone show off their best cub drag look. (Also works well around Easter)

6. Shot Roulette– This is more of party game but still a fun idea. Fill up shot glasses with many different types of alcohol and place them in a circle. Spin a bottle in the middle to find out which one is yours. 

7. Beer Pong Championship– Set up teams and brackets for the Beer Pong Championship. Extra points for team uniforms and names. Keep playing until only one team is left. Be sure to have a trophy ready. 

8. Switch It Up Parties– This refers to mixing up the time of day you would normally have many common parties. For example:
Late Night Brunch
Night time pool party
Afternoon Dance Party
Morning cocktail hour
Simply switching up the time of day can create a whole new level of fun.

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