12 Things Only Picky Eaters Will Understand

The struggle is real.

1. A work pot luck dinner is hell on earth

2. Everyone loves to interrogate you to find out “What do you eat?”

3. Shrimp look like unborn aliens.

4. You have exactly one go-to dish at every restaurant you frequent. You only try something new when they take it off the menu.

5. The phrase “I’m not really that hungry” is your best friend when you’re eating at someone’s home for the first time.

6. At a pizza party you make sure to get food as quickly as possible before the plain cheese pizza is gone. It’s always the first to go.

7. Pre-eating is key to avoiding starvation. If you’re invited to a dinner party at 7, you make sure to leave early enough so you can get some chicken nuggets on the way.

8. Even if they cook something you like you never know what secret ingredients you’ll find inside.

9. You’re favorite restaurants are the ones where you can order something directly off the menu without any changes.

10. Mozzarella sticks are a major food group.

11. So is Macaroni and Cheese

12. And God bless the person who invented chicken fingers

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