MacBook: A Long Distance Love Affair

This post started with the idea of mentioning some of the things on my bucket list. The first thing that came to mind was owning an Apple laptop. It’s one of those things I’ve always wanted but will probably never buy myself. Although they are very common amongst the gays I simply can’t afford the 4 figure price tag. Then all at once I realized as I was typing that I could afford it I just didn’t want to. Let me explain.

I’ve always thought of a MacBook as being out of my price range and the hard truth is that’s very true. Even though $1000 is expensive, I’ve spent that much and more over the years on traveling. Basically what I’m saying is that if I HAD to come up with the money I could. Because I have a very tight budget it means I have to prioritize my spending and a trip will always get first dibs. For example is you offered me an all expenses paid gay Mediterranean cruise for $1000 I would say yes without a second thought. (that’s also a bucket list item) Although I recognize the value of a MacBook I find it hard to justify spending so much money when I can get a Toshiba laptop for only $300. I can already hear all the tech people starting to battle over why one is better than the other. What you should realize is that I only need a computer for the internet. I never play games and rarely watch streaming movies so the very basic of the basic is perfectly good for me. It’s the way most bears feel about expensive clothes. They may respect the craftsmanship of a $500 shirt but most are just as happy with a $10 Old Navy tee. So for me to ever buy a MacBook it would mean my income would have to increase to a level where I’d have an extra thousand dollars at my disposal. Maybe it’ll be a good 40th birthday present to myself in 2021.

This whole thought process got me thinking about what we really mean when we say “I can’t afford it” or “It’s too expensive.” Usually what we’re really saying is “I don’t like it enough to pay that much money.” I remember talking to a friend about vacation plans he was canceling due to low cash flow. Shortly after I found out he was driving a brand new Audi. I was bewildered as to why he would chose a car over a trip. I had to remind myself that some people have different priorities when it comes to spending. For me a car is just a basic mode of transportation and I give it little thought or importance however for a lot of people their ride is an important extension of their identity. We all spend the money it just depends what we spend it on. 

What will you pay more for?



Old Navy $10
Givenchy (at Mr. Porter) $550

Pei Wei
Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck

Toshiba $300
MacBook Pro starting at $1999

Seaworld San Antonio $55 a day

Atlantis Mediterranean Cruise $2449 per person


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