Who Will He Be: An Update

Back in January of 2012 I posted this article that discussed my predictions and expectations around a then unknown boyfriend. I even had a wish list of sorts detailing some of the characteristics I wanted in a potential partner. At the time I had been single for many years and was curious as to who I would ultimately end up with. My 2012 expectations were:

One of the things I consciously left  out of the original article was that for a long time I wasn’t sure I would ever meet a special someone. Deep down I truly felt that most likely I would spend my life alone. I left that out of the original post because it sounds more mellow dramatic than I intended but truth be told that was my reality. Little did I know what the next 6 months had in store for me.

As you’ve already figured out it was only a couple months later that I met Russ. Cut to this past weekend when he bought a harmonica and spent time trying to learn how to play it. After mastering Mary Had A Little Lamb he sent me a video of his triumph. Yesterday we were having a lazy afternoon and he mentioned how he had to take several videos before he could get through the song successfully. As he showed me the lengthy blooper reel he couldn’t stop laughing at himself. It was a genuine and happy belly laugh that I loved. In that moment I thought of that old post because I specifically remembered saying that a sense of humor was not important to me. I’ll be the first to admit I was wrong. I WAS WRONG! Humor is one of the things that I love most about Russ. It’s a talent that comes very natural to him and it always warms my heart. I never expected the thing I thought I didn’t want would turn into the thing I couldn’t live without.

So without further adieu I present Mary Had A Little Lamb:

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