16 Pugs Just Doing the Best They Can

The struggle is real.

1. “Do I really have to get up and go to work?”

2. “When I get out of the shower I must resist the urge to get back into bed.”

3. “Of course I wasn’t looking at Tumlr at work…”

4. “Finally, number 30 will work as a profile picture.”

5. “A sunny day on the boat means I can fart as much as I want.”

6. “I’ve never eaten so much at once… Hey is that pumpkin pie?”

7. “Next year we are definitely getting a fake tree.”

8. “I just bought a 70 inch television for $100 and I only had to stab 4 people to get it.”

 9. “Sunday Funday!”

10. “I have to work tomorrow… Ok I’ll just have one drink.”

11. “I can’t drink 12 beers like I used to.”

12. “You mean I just packed all this up and now I have to unpack in all tomorrow across town?!”

13. “One day I hope I can afford furniture that I don’t have to put together.”

14. “A good walk an a sunny fall day.”

15. “I want to kill who ever invented walking. Seriously, can we call a cab home.”

16. “I don’t need a sleeping pill, just put on ESPN.”

All photos courtesy of @PugsofInstagram on Instagram

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