Why Do You Care What I Think?

I’m fantastic. I’m a perfect person and generally right about everything. Style, sass, and big  balls have made the envy of everyone who knows me. Because I’m so wonderful I can sometimes judge people too quickly. It’s like an instinctual reflex that’s ingrained in my DNA. I can’t help it. What are us perfect people to do?! People often get defensive and want to know what gives me the right to judge anyone. Instead of giving them references to prove my perfection, I simply ask “Why do you care what I think of you?”
If you haven’t realized yet that my claims of perfection are a joke then guess what… I’m judging you. In all seriousness though, why do you care what I think? Does my judgment have any affect on your daily life?  No. I’m the textbook definition of a nobody. Granted I truly think I’m fantastic but I’m an otherwise boringly average husky homo with a flair for dramatic opinions. What I rant and rave about is usually meaningless in the big picture. The only opinion’s that should matter are from your close friends/loved ones and the people who have control over your job. So unless they’re fucking you or firing you, you shouldn’t lose sleep over their opinions. I always stand behind my opinions but the only thing they should give you is some mild entertainment while you’re on the toilet.
Although I’m a nobody I subscribe to the idea that if I’m going to say it, I’m at least going to say it like I mean it. Conviction is the very important when giving an opinion. However just because I say something with conviction doesn’t mean I’m not talking out of my ass. I write this blog for entertainment and in no way should you ever take anything I say too seriously. I’ve also learned over the years that typing something on a website adds a lot of false weight to it. Because it’s in print there tends to be a false assumption of truth and importance. For example it always makes me laugh when celebrities get upset over what internet trolls say about them. Take Mariah Carey, she’s gotten to the very top of her field with decades of proven success. She’s ridiculously wealthy and never needs to work another day in her life. Yet she still cares about what the nameless faceless Twitter accounts say about her. Why the hell does she care? Shake it off Mariah.
As I said above, the opinions of your close friends should matter. Just because someone is a Facebook friend doesn’t make them a close friends. A good way to tell the difference is how much you communicate with that person outside of social media. Of my many friends I only a handful of close friends and only one best friend. That handful are the people and opinions I care about because they care about me. You should feel the same way. Focus on the people who actually matter in your life and everyone else is simple amusement. I wish I could give people the gift of confidence so they would trust their instincts and choices. Always put other people’s opinions into perspective. I mean seriously, do you want to become Mariah Carey?
In conclusion, I will continue to judge and openly and honestly. If that offends you I ask you to stop and ask yourself that ever important question “Why do I care what he thinks?”

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