Kitchen Table Talk

It seems like every day there is a new story of some celebrity getting in trouble for what they’ve said on Twitter or Instagram. Last week Kloe Kardashian had to apologize for making posting this KKK joke on Instagram that some found offensive. While some scandals are just bad jokes and over sensitive fans there are instances where comments are so offensive that it actually leads to the lose of work. Take popular radio host Anthony Cumia who was fired earlier this year for his extensive racist rant on Twitter. Whether you agree or disagree with what these an other celebrities say doesn’t matter. The real point is that we’ve all said things as bad or worse amongst friends. If all of our most private conversations were aired to the world we would sound like horrific people. In fact I’ve agreed with controversial comments before but thought to myself, “I mean you’re right but you don’t say that shit out loud. People are going to burn you at the steak.” Luckily most of us know the difference between the things you say in public and the things you say in private. If someone at work asked you your opinion about a coworker you might give a very politically correct answer like “He’s very enthusiastic and while he doesn’t have a lot of experience he does bring a fresh perspective to the table.” However if you were home you’d probably say something more akin to “He’s a dumb fuck who got his job because his giant dick is plowing the boss.” Our private opinions would not always do us well if shared publicly. Wendy Williams refers to it as Kitchen Table Talk. Kitchen table talk refers to the conversations you have around your kitchen table when you say the opinions and thoughts that you’d only share with your most trusted inner circle. It may be hyper controversial opinions about race relations or highly questionable gossip about a mutual friend. Either way, it’s a conversation that usually starts with something like “Just between us…”

If you’ve read this blog for an extended amount of time you know that I’m a pretty honest and there is not much I won’t say. I think most topics are best discussed openly and honestly and no one benefits from ignoring it. With that said, you may be surprised to know that there are topics and opinions that I choose to keep to myself. The list is short but it ranges from strong opinions about local acquaintances to highly charged political topics that many disagree on. Not every thought I have is worthy of a blog post. So far I’ve been pretty good at knowing where to draw the line but it is a constant struggle to know how much is too much.

My advice, save the salty talk for brunch with your bestie. As the old saying goes: If you have nothing nice to say, come sit by me.

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