Missed Connection Monday

I love reading Craigslist Missed Connections. Did you ever read the bizarre personals in the back of trashy gay magazines? Well in this electronic age Craigslist has replaced those.

Handing sitting is the height of anonymous sex intimacy

 Did he mean livin on the edge? ZOMG Is this Steven Tyler?!?
 The last time crazy was in the woods Ned Beatty squealed like a pig
  Mario Kart skills + Polla con leche = True Love
A rare moment of honesty
 Calling all the smelly men…
 Thank god there aren’t many guys with dogs on Cedar Springs.
Oddly vague yet oddly specific  

 I’m sure he had no trouble tracking his mystery man down. 
 Spa Castle: A none gay all male naked spa… 
Big Boys? Save the hypnosis money and download Growlr  
 If it works out maybe he’ll become his winter ascot 
Hey, this one actually sounds familiar…

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