Kim Wins At Life and Other Internet Uproars

Kim Kardashian is on the cover of current issue of Paper Magazine and it’s creating an internet uproar. Granted creating an internet uproar is easier than finding a muscle bear on steroids so it should all be taken in some context. As usual the interneters hate everything Kim and everything Kardashian. Personally I thought the photos were fun and playful. She obviously has a sense of humor about herself and I appreciate that. I also love the title states “Break the internet Kim Kardashian” and that’s exactly what she’s doing. She proves more than anyone else that even bad publicity is still good publicity. Keep on hating her because that’s exactly what she wants. All she she needs is for you to keep talking because she knows the real end to her career will come when people simply stop paying attention. Also she continued to crush it when it was announced that her game Kim Kardashian’s Hollywood made an estimated $43 Million in just three months. Boom! Kim you win.
In other internet uproar news, Azealia Banks and Rose McGowan have been speaking out against gay men calling them/us misogynistic. Both ladies suffer from the ‘You’re barely famous, why the hell do I care what you think‘ syndrome.I have a hard time taking any of it seriously considering the source. First there’s Azealia Banks. She had a popular song (212) and it seemed like she was headed on the path to a strong career. Well after 2 years of nothing fans have obviously moved on and she needs to stir up some attention. If you’re still on her side and don’t believe this was all a PR stunt you should also know that her first album was finally released this week. What a coincidence… 
As for Rose McGowan, she had more of a point all be it a frivolous one. Rose’s point was that the LGBT community should do more for other groups and by other groups she specifically meant women. 
“I see now basically people who’ve fought for the right to stand on top of a float wearing an orange speedo and take molly (MDMA),” McGowan said. “And I see no help, and I see no paying it forward, and I have a huge problem with that.”
I can’t help but feel like this is a minority group dick measuring contest. Everyone unbutton your pants and we’ll measure whose struggle is worse. It also seemed like a very one sided attack. Gay men got the brunt while lesbians seemed to sneak by with just a causal mention. I’d point out to McGowan that before she focuses her rage on gay men she should remember that it was the gays who kept the light on at Charmed. I mean seriously, did any straight people watch that show at all? Second, while the gay community could do a little bit more for other groups it should be mentioned that we’ve still got a lot to do in our own backyard. AIDS is an ongoing epidemic as safe sex practices continue to be lax with young men and while gay marriage is growing it’s still not legal nation wide. So while we might be a little selfish in our charity efforts and advocacy it’s because the war hasn’t been won yet. Finally while she’s criticizing us for our speedos, I’ll remind her that she was also the girl that wore a beaded naked dress to the MTV VMAs back in the 90’s. 
If you’re a celebrity who has a strong and possibly controversial opinion I have no respect for you if your big political stance is on Twitter while promoting your new album. It all feels like the heavy hand of self promotional PR stunt. Now if you honestly believe in your cause and want to work toward change, take a cue from Emma Watson. She recently spoke at the United Nations about feminism. She gave an eloquent and thoughtful  speak that was moving and powerful. That’s how you affect change. Have a well thought out message and speak to the people that have the actual power to change the world. Well done Emma. Watch her entire speech here.
Lastly, Out Magazine revealed it’s 4 covers for it’s yearly Out100 issue. Sam Smith, Ellen Page, Zachary Quinto, and Samira Wiley were chosen to represent 2014 and I couldn’t have been more disappointment. Let me say I applaud celebrities who come out and I think it can be a powerful tool to help end stigma. With that said, there are many more important gay people who should be highlighted. Haven’t we come far enough to where simply being honest about who you are isn’t as big a deal anymore? Why do we always have to focus on and blindly praise D list celebrities who do nothing but come out? I don’t give a shit about Zachary Quinto other than his stint on the cult classic So NoTORIous. Ellen Page was darling in Juno but that was 7 years ago. To quote Janet Jackson, “What have you done for me lately?” Samira Wiley is on Orange is the New Black and while her story is interesting I find it unworthy of a cover spot. Sam Smith has the biggest claim to a cover story because he is the only one of the four who is actually a relevant A-lister. Still Out Magazine would have kept my respect if instead of vapid celebrity fawning they chose to feature individuals who have actually made a difference this year. For example the lawyers and couples involved in the national court cases that have given us our newly acquired rights. Their impact will be felt for centuries longer than the song “Stay With Me.”
At this point you might be confused or calling bull shit on a blog post that starts off by praising Kim Kardashian and ends with slamming celebrity obsession. Valid point, but let me explain. I like Kim Kardashian because she doesn’t try to be anything but the media fame hungry star she is. She just takes selfies instead of  shooting her mouth off on complex social issues. Celebrities are entertainers and while they have a right to their opinions we as the public have a right not to give a flying fuck. Kim is also a celebrity who is not lauded as the voice of a generation or put on magazine covers focusing on social change. She’s on a magazine cover to show off her amazing booty and that’s the way it should be. I love celebrities and enjoy their entertainment but I get annoyed when they start thinking their job is much more important than it is. As actors, literally the only difference between you and Kim K is that you were paid for your first movie and she wasn’t. 

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