Kill the 80’s, Long Live the 90’s

I remember when my cousin had an 80s Halloween party back when I was in college. It was 2002 and the idea was fun and fresh. Now that 12 years has gone by I think it’s time to retire the 80’s theme party. It’s an idea that’s been done to death. We’ve all gone to an 80’s party more than once and dressed in leg warmers and off the shoulder sweat shirts. It’s a fun concept that has become cliche and overused. In fact it seems to be the go to decade. A prom theme always manages to becomes an 80’s prom theme. There are plenty of other decades to reference like the disco 70’s, the hippie 60’s, the flapper 20’s as well as one very wonderful decade just after the 80’s. I introduce to you the 90’s party. 

I’ve brought up this idea to people and I get a similar reaction, “Nothing stands out about the 90’s?!” I beg to differ. I think, in part through all the parties, that the 80’s is just very well branded. The 90’s just needs a PR burst to get it’s image out there and remind people of all the wonderful trends that floated through the decade. If the 90’s needs some PR then consider me Edina Monsoon.   

Any good introduction to the 90’s starts with Madonna. She began the decade Voguing and ended it as Evita with many stops along the way. Scroll through this walk down memory lane and imagine all the wonderful costume ideas you can create for when someone finally invites you to a 90’s party.





Sick of the over styled plastic world of the 80’s, grunge rockers like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden ushered in a new wave of anti-celebrity stars. Doc Martens, plaid everything, untucked, unwashed, over-sized, dark hair and light skin. Your attitude was angst and indifferent and all you wanted to do was move to Seattle.

 Drug Chic

Courtney Love was the poster girl for drug induced perfection. Her grunge roots were paired with an angry overtone and a heavy heroine habit. Kate Moss ushered in waif heroine chic models in numerous adds for Calvin Klein. Shiny skin and glazed over eyes were key if you wanted to achieve true style in your baby doll dress. If you were a boring white girl from the burbs your goal of looking like Courtney Love usually ended up somewhere closer to Blossom.


Every white boy wanted to be a gangsta. Listening to Dr. Dre and Wu Tang Clan taught you what it was like to live in Compton and you weren’t afraid to show it. You rocked your JNCO jeans (complete with wallet chain) and white boy corn rolls. You walked with fake swag that didn’t matched your white suburban origins.

These are just a small sample of 90’s trends. Also look up the Spice Girls and the beginning of the boy bands. If you decide to throw a 90’s party might I suggest a play list filled with only the best 90’s R&B.

 Memorable Moments

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