Getting to Know Me

Hopefully as time goes by I pick up more readers. With that in mind I decided to give some fun facts to help you get to know me better. 

I’m afraid of roller coasters. 
My paternal grandfather died when my father was a teenager.  I know virtually nothing about him other than his name. 
I’m Irish, Polish, and Italian. Although my last name is Irish it’s only a quarter on my ethnicity. (50% is Italian)
I have a tremendous dislike for because it feels like I’m shopping at a flee market. 
Russ is the longest relationship I’ve ever had. Our two year anniversary is in November. 
I’m very good at geography.
I value honesty, self awareness, and confidence.
I’ve seen every episode of the Golden Girls at least 15 times.
Growing up my favorite movie was Big Business staring Bette Midler and Lily Tomlin.
My friends in Connecticut coined the phrase “Pulling a Joe Cavanaugh.” The phrase refers to the act of turning your cheek when someone tries to give you a hello kiss. Example: “When Harold greeted me with a kiss I pulled a Joe Cavanaugh to avoid his fish lips.” Unless I want to make-out with you, I find it very uncomfortable to kiss your lips. 
My least favorite parts of my body are my butt, pecs and eyes.
Your amount of body hair usually has nothing to do with my attraction level to you.
I distrust anyone who will not tell me their real age. 

The first time I was drunk was in 2009. I was 27.
I’ve never been high. 
I believe in God but I ‘m not sure why. I think if my faith was really tested, faith wouldn’t win. 
I’ve never broken a bone. 
I’ve never had the chicken pox. 
The first porn site I ever paid for was
Bear Runs are a lot of fun. 
I have a hard time saying no to trips that involve states I’ve never been to. I keep an active list of the states I still want to visit. 

I grew up with learning disabilities and dyslexia. 
Alexander McQueen is my all time favorite fashion designer and artist but Polo Ralph Lauren is one of the only logos I’ll wear on clothing. 
I’ve never seen any of the Lord of the Rings movies. 
I used to love to watch the segment on how things were made on Mr. Rodger’s Neighborhood. My two favorites were crayons and construction paper. 
I talk a lot about loving large penises even though it’s actually a lot lower on my priority list than you’d think. An outgoing personality, a solid body, and a nice belly are just some of the trump cards. In reality a thick body will almost always win over a thick dick. Think of it this way, the smaller your waste gets the bigger your dick needs to be to compensate.
I’d rather change a friendship than get rid of it.
When I see a bathroom selfie, I always judge the shower curtain.
I want Tim Blanks to narrate my life.

And finally, as much as I tell everyone everything, I have a secret or two that only a handful of people know. 

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