Just Shut Up!


This gentleman has a perfectly lovely mushroom tipped penis. However any chance of hotness is ruined when he opens his mouth and starts to talk. Lets break this one down:

“I love masterbating.” Who uses the word masturbating while their masterbating?!? That’s the term you use in a doctors office or if you’re a disgraced politician in a sex controversy.

“My penis loves me.” Really? How long have you two been going out?

“I’m gonna sperm. I’m gonna sperm my load.” I had to go back an listen to this several times to make sure I got it correct. Sperm is a noun not a verb. Next time try the words shot, spray, or unload instead.

Conclusion: Leave the dirty talk to the pros and shut your mouth.
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One thought on “Just Shut Up!

  1. Lol. It’s so funny to run across such a detailed overview of this random clip complete with accurate quotes, and yeah — I have to turn off the audio when I watch this one. Nevertheless, I have to admit that I’ve never seen another dick head so insanely massive in my life. And the way he beats off by gripping just the shaft like he’s choking the fuck out of it & bumping the bottom of the rim without stroking over it is so fucking hot.

    I’m actually quite surprised that this is the only video I’ve seen of this dude, at least as far as I know of. It seems like someone with a dick bigger than a donkey who talks so much dirty shit to himself while jerking like an animal and doesn’t care if he blows that much cum all over the floor would have made fucktons of clips.


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