An Open Letter to Joan Rivers

Dear Joan,

When I read that you had passed away I was truly crushed. Sarah Silverman said it best, “I am broken inside.” It touched me much deeper than I expected it to. I was lucky enough to have seen you live in Dallas a couple years ago and even though I didn’t know you personally I can honestly say I will miss you.  Yesterday as I sat in Subway on my lunch hour reading all the comments and articles I tried very hard not to openly cry in public. It’s was one of those moments in life when you have to push down so much emotion that you are certain it will turn into an ulcer one day. Joan even in your last days at age 81 you were more relevant than most comedians half your age. Your resume speaks for itself. You were a comedian, a legend, a pioneer, an icon, and one hell of a funny lady. You practically invented the red carpet pre-show on E!. E! Fashion Police was my favorite show and it will never be the same without you. I first became a Joan Ranger way back in the mid 80’s as a very young gayling watching your day time talk show. I can still clearly remember watching a segment where you interviewed Elsa Clench about fashion trends. I have watched your documentary, read your books, seen your live performances and tuned into every red carpet you were ever on. You survived the worst that Hollywood had to throw at you and you came out on top laughing. Back in the early 2000s when I was in college and Napster was at it’s peak I downloaded a comedy routine of yours. I assume it was from the early 80s by the pop culture references. (Johnny Carson was still on the air) One of my favorite jokes was “Did you hear Sears had a fashion show? They opened the catalog and just pointed.” I laughed so hard. It still makes me laugh when I listen to it now because through all the upgrades, new computers, and new phones, that comedy routine is still on my iTunes play list. I listened to it again a couple weeks ago at work and it was just as funny. I will always adore you Joan and you left a legacy that will not be forgotten.

My thoughts and sympathy goes out to Melissa and the rest of Joan’s family.


The Gay Gasp

P.S. I ‘ve chosen not to post this link of Facebook because the sarcastic and bitchy comments aren’t needed. 

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