13 Signs You’re Part of the Privileged Poor

I define the Privileged Poor as someone at the bottom of their socioeconomic class. (Usually the middle class) You made the cut and avoided poverty… but just barely. On one hand you really shouldn’t complain because a lot of people have it worse but on the other hand you’re legit broke. You’re Cinderella, the pretty maid trying to act like a princess. 

1. Your bank account is in single digits the day before pay day.

2. At least once a month you rummage through your closet looking for things to sell of Ebay. I wonder what a used iPhone 3 goes for?

3. You work in a call center. Enough said.

4. Game of Thrones? Yes. True Blood? Yes. HBO Go borrowed password? Of course.

5. The lotto: Aka your retirement plan.

6. You’re driving a dented car because your $500 deductible just isn’t worth it.

7. Even an awful date is still a free dinner…

8. You justify buying a $1300 MacBook Pro because “It’s an investment” and “You deserve it.”

9. When out at dinner you’re always the “I’ll just put it on my credit card and everyone can give me the cash” guy.

10. On the plus side you have your own office at work. On the negative side it’s a contract job so you don’t have health insurance.

11. Mother Teresa got more action than your bank account

12. You’re in grad school without any idea of what actual job you want

13. Home ownership is definitely in your future. I mean your parents have to die at some point right?

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