Random Thoughts: iPhone Edition

I need new apps to add to my phone rotation. You’re phone rotation is the common pattern with which you check your most frequently used apps.  When you’re get up in the morning, when you sit on the toilet, when you’re waiting for a friend, there are usually certain apps you go to sometimes in a specific order. They’re the apps you check the most often and are the most addicted to. Every app designer and marketing big wig is trying their best to make it into your rotation. As soon as I unlock my phone I go to Facebook first, then Instagram, and finish with Mobli. Mobli is the newest addition to my rotation and it’s still in the “we’ll see” probationary period. Several apps have come and gone, Secret, Vine, and Twitter were all once integral parts of my rotation that I have since moved on from. I still have Twitter but I don’t use it as much. Vine and Secret have been completely deleted. I do check Tumblr and Growlr often but definitely not every day. I need something new. What’s in your phone rotation?
I’ve been using the Talk to Text feature a lot more lately. It’s especially helpful when I don’t know how to spell a work or are to lazy to type out a long word. (Responsibility for example)

I hope Apple comes out with a 32GB and 64GB G series phone. Either that or add a 90GB or 128GB phone and eliminate the 16GB model all together (making the 32GB the standard). 

I have a suggestion for the next iPhone update. I call it Work Mode.
The idea of Work Mode is to create an operational setting that provides extra security while at work. The easily turned on setting would be accessible from the locked screen similar to turning on Airplane mode. It’s first feature would be to stop text message previews. You would still get text message notifications but it would automatically turn off the preview in case your phone is visible when an inappropriate picture is received. Work Mode would also control the phone volume with the Total Off feature. As you probably already know, turning the ringer off does not turn the volume off for every feature. For example, as you’re scrolling through Facebook you accidentally tap a video in your feed. When the video plays it’s at full volume even though you thought your phone was on ‘silent.” Now everyone in your office turns as you scramble like a man to shut it down. With the Total Off feature, there would be no sound emitted from your phone. NONE. Even if you try and watch a video or listen to a song, your phone will be SILENT at all circumstances. The only way to hear something while your phone is in Work Mode would be to have headphones plugged in.
I hate the blue dot indicator that appears when an app has been updated. This dot should disappear within 12 or 24 hours.
Many people don’t realize that you can save GIFs to your camera roll on your iPhone. You save the GIF just like you were saving any standard picture. The key is that the GIF will not animate until you send it to someone. To be more specific, the GIF will not animate until you actually hit the send button. Only then will it come to life. (When the GIF is on your camera roll it will look like a standard frozen single image)

I’m sick of the “20 Things You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Could Do” articles. The information was interesting a year or two ago but everyone knows now. Thank you. In case you’re the one who missed it, I’ll summarize: close apps to save battery life, every text has a time stamp, your phone can be a level, and take pictures with your volume button.

Work Mode ™ and Total Off ™

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