In The News: Beyonce, Twitter Rage, and Rugby Piss Players

Beyonce and Jay Z
More rumors are swirling around Beyonce and Jay Z about his alleged history of cheating. The first cracks in the marriage came hard with Solange’s elevator beat down. In the days after Beyonce assured her fan’s that nothing was wrong by posting an Instagram picture of the two sister together. It’s interesting that Beyonce’s first public reaction was to stand up for her sister and not her husband. Most recently while on tour Beyonce changed some of the lyrics to her song “Resentment.”  The full article and concert video on 

Opie and Anthony
Radio host Anthony Cumia of the long running Opie and Anthony show was fired this week after a long series of Tweets he posted after being assaulted in New York. Something seems off about this story. The supposed picture that started it all is just of the woman walking down the street under scaffolding. If he wasn’t talking a picture of her, what the hell was he taking a picture of? Plus the things he said on Twitter really are insanely awful. The lesson we should learn, whenever you are extremely emotional, it’s a good idea to avoid all social media. Put your phone away. Read the full article (including Tweets) here.

Rugby Pisser
Australian Rugby player Todd Carney was fired when a picture surfaced of him pissing into his mouth at a urinal.  Carney was the league’s 2010 player of the year. Also soon after news broke of Carney’s termination, Australian football/soccer player Brodie Moles released a similar picture of himself drinking his own piss in a show of support for Carney. Read the Deadspin article here

Todd Carney
Brodie Moles

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