The Met Gala 2014

The MET Gala was Monday night and as usual it brought out the fashion A-list. Here are the best and the worst.


Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Bow to the Queens. MKO is in vintage (stripped) Chanel and AO is in vintage Gianfranco Ferre’. I’m obsessed with Mary Kate’s navy stripped stunner. OBSESSED! This is the best they have ever looked.

The Best

Best Ball Gown:

Style was on the side of the Sarahs. I was stunned to see Ms. Silverman looking so polished and elegant in Zac Posen. SJP killed it as expected in a gorgeous black and white ODLR. Ball gowns generally aren’t my favorite but if you’re going to the fanciest of all fancy balls take a cue from these ladies. Both had killer hair too.

Stylish Songstresses:

Florence Welch in Valentino was a close second for best of the night. I love everything about her look. In fact, I may use her color scheme the next time I redecorate. Lily Allen nailed it as well in a Chanel column dress. Allen’s classic and sophisticated dress paired with a voluminous up-do makes for a great overall look.

Best Risk Takers:

I think this is the best Lena has ever looked. (in Giambattista Valli) She looks genuinely happy and the shorter length is more playful for a causal girl. Now if we could just get her to take her damn arms off her hips! Kirsten Dunst made a bold choice when she stepped out in Rodarte’s Star Wars’ Death Star print gown. Love it or hate it, I’m glad these ladies took a risk.

Honorable Mention:

Karolina Kurkova and Emmy Rossum both looked great. I like that they both wore gowns with a print. Neither is a show stopper but a solid A none the less. 

The Worst

Ugly dress + messy hair = Fashion FAIL

Kate Upton proves that just because you’re a model doesn’t mean you can wear anything. Dolce & Gabanna didn’t do her any favors in this black ruffle nightmare. Messy hair and a god awful head piece only make it worse. The we have Katie Holmes in mustard Marchesa. Ugh… she looks like she’s been sleeping in that gown for a week. She also wins the awards for the worst hair of the night.

What The Fuck?!
Sandra Lee looks like an escaped mental patient who has delusions of being Cinderella. When she escaped she must have brought Neil Patrick Harris and partner David Burtka along for the ride. NPH looks like a Broadway usher who’s tux doesn’t fit. David Burtka obviously moonlights as a guard for the Queen of Hearts. Both men are wearing shoes uglier than I ever thought possible on a man.

Sad Satin aka ‘Bridesmaid Revisited’

The best word I can used to describe Zoe (in Tommy Hilfiger) is utterly boring. A more accurate description is wrinkled dress you bought at the  Macy’s one day sale. Rashida Jones on the other hand can’t hide her embarrassment behind her fake smile. She’s standing next to the designer of her gown Tory Burch and knows they look like models in a David’s Bridal discount fashion show.


Elizabeth Olsen in Mui Mui.

Interestingly enough the best and worst dressed all stay in the Olsen family. Elizabeth obviously got all the boobs in the family and none of the good taste. She might as well be carrying a sign that says “look at my tits.” Otherwise she looks like a tragic ice skating reject with grade school hair and awful shoes. Nothing about this look is good. NOTHING.


Bradley Cooper put on 40lbs and grew a beard. Enjoy it while it lasts. 

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