Summer Shopping Tips

A guide for what to look for when you’re shopping for your warm weather wardrobe.

Buy= An emerging trend that you should keep an eye on
Keep= A trend that isn’t new but still has some it’s staying power
Store= It used to be cool but now it just been to be boxed up in a storage unit. 

Final Tips:

Cargo vs Non Cargo shorts? Both are completely acceptable. Go with which ever you feel more comfortable in. 

Tank Tops should be kept snug to show of your body. Also remember the thicker the tank top strap the broader your shoulders have to be to maintain the correct proportion.

You’re going to see a lot of jean cut-offs and cuffed denim capris at stores this summer. They are a different beast from jorts because of cut and fit. Proceed with caution. Like tanks, they should never be baggy. These are best left to the sassiest of trendsetters.

One thought on “Summer Shopping Tips

  1. Hey Joe! It's Brent. I'm the least fashion forward person I know. I always thought if ever I wanted to get a bunch of new clothes I should take you shopping with me. It might even be worth a trip to Dallas! I have such short legs and am still pretty chubby. It's HARD to find good fitting clothes. When I lose some more weight I'll reach out for some advice!


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