Straight guys, specifically the bro sub culture, fascinate me. My only interaction with straight men is at work where everything is professional and their bro-ness is kept in check. Rarely do I have to opportunity to witness them in their natural habitat… until recently.

To be clear, when I say fascinate I mean purely in a curious anthropological outsider-looking-in sort of way. I don’t mean lusting after and trying to trick straight men into sex like that one friend in every group.

This all started when I was searching for something new to listen to at work. Bored with the same music I started getting into podcasts on SoundCloud. My first introduction to SoundCloud was through the Cracked podcast put out weekly by They bring up interesting observations that have inspired a couple of my own posts. I enjoyed listening while at work because it kept my mind distracted enough to ignore the clock and let time pass. Unfortunately the last couple episodes haven’t been all that riveting so I did a blind search for something new. The very first one I stumbled upon was Lust for Life which is run by a New York City based comedian and subjects range from a porn star with Crohn’s disease to a former day trader who lead a life similar to the Wolf of Wall Street. The host, Maddog Mattern, is a funny mafia type bro that talks with an accent like he should’ve been an extra on the Soprano’s. From his show I continued my rabbit’s hole decent into the straight world. That’s how I stumbled on the TFM podcast. TFM standing for Total Frat Move. It’s literally a podcast run by former frat guy J Train who gives advice to new and current frat guys on how to get drunk and fuck girls. Side note: “J Train” and “Maddog” could there by anything more bro cliche? Despite all the chauvinistic macho bullshit I can’t help but love both shows. They’re funny and charming and I can’t stop laughing. The last several days at work have flown by so quickly as I listen to one episode after another as I do my work.

I love listening to these shows because there is absolutely nothing gay about them. They don’t have gay speakers and they don’t talk about gay topics. Sometimes it’s nice to step outside of your own bubble and get a glimpse of how other people live. I’m as pro homo as they come but even I can sometimes get sick of the ranting and whining about gay rights and offensive media portrayals. Gay people can notoriously get stuck in their own gay bubble. (myself included) So it’s nice to get a totally different point of view. The men are never offensive or disrespectful toward homosexuality. It just isn’t part of their everyday lives much in the same way that fraternity life isn’t a part of my everyday life. I feels like they are having very real conversations that girls and gay dudes usually aren’t privy too. Their goals are simple. They just want to laugh with their buddies, drink beer, and get easy sex without commitment. Come to think of it, maybe they’re more like gay dudes then I first thought. I guess it proves that whether it’s a pussy or a hairy ass they’re fucking, deep down guys are guys. One of my favorite lines is J Train saying he wants a tank top that says “This dick ain’t gonna suck itself” written across the back. I would buy that tank top.

Follow them on Twitter:
@maddogmattern from Lust for Life  
@JTrain56 from the FTM

also visit for hilarious tees and beer koozies.

P.S. With my bro time satisfied, I’m going to go and get caught up on RuPaul’s Drag Race 🙂 

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