I ❤️ Sluts

I’ve tried to make it a point not to be overly negative in my writing. While my last post was negative I tried to present my points with the understanding that I realized how unfair my judgments were. Unfortunately I think that fact was overshadowed by the negativity. In fact if you read the comments the whole thing dissolved into nonsensical rants. While I totally stand by that post I decided a counter point was needed.  With positivity in mind, lets look at the other side of the judgment coin. For all the people who suffer from snap judgments there are as many people who benefit from them. I can be fickle about some things and it takes just one wrong move for my opinion to turn sour. With that said, it also can take only one random detail for you to win me over.

Trying to think of traits I judge people positively on was hard. Why is it that negativity comes so much easier? To help me out I started to think of the people in my life whom I adore despite having little to nothing in common with them. For each of the item below I realized I had a specific person in mind who embodied that trait perfectly.

Cocky Confident Charm– I’ve always been a sucker for a cocky attitude especially in older guys. This is the toughest to describe because it’s the most intangible. Both personality and physical body language play a big role. I confident daddy bear who pushes his shoulders back and his big gut out can easily will me over. Add in a charming politician’s personality and my pants are already off.

A Big Dick–  This is on the list to represent any single physical trait you find attractive enough to ignore other short comings. I can be won over by a great set of nipples or a big round ass just as much as a big dick. However a big dick is the first one that came to mind. I know it’s shallow but sometimes if your dick (ass, nips etc) is big enough that can make up for a lot of other short comings. Once I remember walking away from a particularly boring conversation and thinking, “Thank god he’s got a big dick.” While you might not be into dick size, how many of you melt over a great beard? And how many of you will put up with all sorts of nonsense just because he’s short?

The It Girl– This guy is the guy that everyone is drawn to and  he’s the epitome of calm and cool. He’s got his own sense of style that’s a mix of Nantucket prep and hipster normcore. What ever he does or wears you end up subconsciously wanting to imitate.

Wit– There’s a difference between finding something/someone funny and actually laughing out loud. I adore guys who can genuinely make me laugh from a strong mental connection. Everyone has a different sense of humor but I tend to gravitate toward intellectually sarcastic with a hint of creative bitchiness mixed in. Like I said in my last post, if you’re too kumbaya and non-judgmental I respect you but have nothing to talk to you about.    

A positive attitude– I like people who are in a good mood. Almost all of my judgmental inclinations will be melted if you greet me with an upbeat smile. Even if you’re faking it because life has given you a truck full of lemons. I always gravitate toward those people who can keep it fun and lighthearted. I look for Tiger or Winnie the Pooh not Eor.

I ❤️ Sluts– I like guys who like sex. I’ve never understood the lure of the virginal and inexperienced. It seems like too much hard work and nonsense. Give me a guy who knows exactly what he wants and from how many men. Like a job interview, it pays to have experience.

You own a pug (or bulldog)– This is pretty straight forward, If you have a pug or bulldog you’re already starting out on the winning team.

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