Adjusting To Life After TBRU (as told by cats)

1. You realized 90% of the pictures you took are too dark and blurry to use

2. Your stomach is finally getting it’s revenge for the 4 days of hell you put it through.

3. The only energy you have is spent taking naps and watching your DVR

4. Your dirty laundry consist of jock straps and BearDance tshirts

5. Anger sets in when you realized you haven’t gone grocery shopping in over a week.

6. An hour is wasted unblocking the Growlr profiles.

7. Another hour is wasted deleting Growlr shouts

8. Days of Italia Express and Jack in the Box cause the need for a strict detox diet of water, fruit, and oatmeal.

9. You still feel weird without a lanyard around your neck.

10.Your feet still hurt from hours of dancing a S4

11. The harsh reality that you have to go back to work tomorrow

12. But at least you can sleep in your own bed tonight

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