12 Thing Reality Bites Taught Us

Next month is the 20 year anniversary of Reality Bites. 
Here’s a look back at the lessons we learned. 

1. This was the coolest Houston Texas ever was
2. You’re a failure if you’re not first in line when Hey That’s My Bike announces their reunion tour.
3.If you want to sound smart, challenge someone to define irony.
4. Evian is Naive spelled backwards
5. Note to self: Eating an entire pot of poinsettias might be fatal.

6. Beware of offering your friends a job

7. You still have Stay stuck in your head

8. If only Bill Reilly had a producer like Lelaina Pierce of Good Morning Grant 

9. Everyone would wear a chokers to your funeral if you were the AIDS character on Melrose Place

10. This is the least lesbionic Janeane Garofalo ever was

11. Pick a man who is your hair twin
12. Everything is better with a Big Gulp

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