Break the Auto-Correct Addiction

Today is the 1 month anniversary since I broke my addiction. It was taking over my life and hurting my family and friends. On November 8, 2013, after much thought and reflection, I made the brave decision to turn off auto-correct on my phone! (Gasp!) I’ll give you a moment to let the gravity of that sink in…

As you already know I’m a notoriously bad speller. Legendarily bad in fact. I would always assume auto-correct would always save me. In truth it took over my digital life and I relied on it too heavily to fix my mistakes. Much like the elderly and cockfighting or Floridians and acid wash denim, I became dependent. I’ll be honest and admit I rarely read my message back before hitting send. Many times auto-correct fixes items by changing the word into something completely unintended. You always see the stories about outrageous mistake like a daughter texting her mom “I want to eat your pussy” instead of “I want to eat your pumpkin pie.” My mistakes are never that overt. Many of my corrections were much harder to spot. Do vs don’t, your vs you’re, and there vs their were all switched interchangeably. I still don’t understand why food always turned into good? The result were disastrous. After I answering the question “Do you want me to bring my dildos?” and auto correct changed my answer from ‘Do it!’ to ‘Don’t’ I new it was a problem that needed fixing. I would not stand for this anymore.

Turning off auto-correct has forced me to slow down and pay attention to what I type. Spelling mistakes are still noted with a red line so I am helped but not babied. It really has made a noticeable difference. (OMG it takes so much longer…) Yes, sometime I get easily annoyed at how much longer typing takes but it’s worth the effort. I am happy to report that I am typing clearly and my friends can understand everything I say. No longer will my ass go unsatisfied by a sex toy miscommunication. The horror!

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