Back Stories: Rick from Florida

I love making up back stories to go with random pictures I find. This one caught my on Tumblr. As a reminder, the following is completely made up in my head and any similarities to reality are totally coincidental.
The back story:
His name is obviously Rick. He’s a 54 year old former military man now living in Florida. Army life and a short lived marriage kept him in the closet until his 40’s despite years of screwing around with his fellow soldiers. Now that he’s retired on a government pension, he spends his time working out and doing semi-professional porn. This picture was taken moments after his final cum shot during group scene filmed just outside by the pool. He spent the last 45 minutes fucking an excessively shaved latino on an uncomfortable cement bench. Afterward this he has lunch date with a younger guy he met on Scruff. Rick bought a new American Eagle polo so he wouldn’t look so old for his new cub because while he hates playing up his ‘Daddy’ sex appeal everyone else loves it.

Other details:

The photograph was actually taken through a sliding glass door causing the blurry ‘steam room’ filter effect.

Joe the homeowner is one of Rick’s former married fuck buds from is younger days back in New Jersey. Joe’s ex-wife took everything in the divorce except their over sized Italian furniture.

Rich bought that robe at a local Ft. Lauderdale shop because it reminded his of his days overseas with the military.

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