Great Gift Idea

Now that my anniversary has passed, I can finally share the great gift idea I had. With the help of an easy to use online site, I created a custom photo mosaic for Russ. It came out wonderful and made the perfect sentimental gift. I liked it so much I made a second one for myself. Here’s how it works. 


First you upload the photo you want to act as the main image. Then simply upload as many snapshots as you can to comprise the mosaic. They recommend using a minimum of about 200 pictures. Honestly the hardest part of the whole process was finding that many pictures. After a couple clicks, the website creates your custom image. The minor cost provides you with a very large format digital download that you can bring it to any local photo printer. (Wallgreens, Snapfish etc) Once printed, simply frame and give. It’s easy to make and if you’re like me you’ll enjoy the process. It’s a memorable present that your loved ones are sure to cherish. The best part: It’s also very budget friendly. Most of the $30 total cost came from printing the poster at Wallgreens and buying a frame at Target.

P.S. This is a great gift idea for parents/grandparents with pictures of their children.

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