First of Many

Today is my 1 year anniversary with my boyfriend Russell. It’s actually my first year anniversary with anyone ever. Don’t worry, I know everyone has a weak gag reflex when they hear about someone else’s happiness. Rather then go on and on about what a loving, adorable, kind, and hard working person he is I will instead focus on the anniversary details itself.

Before there is an official ceremony, how does a dating couple mark their anniversary? In our case November 19th 2012 is the date I put our relationship status on Facebook. It’s a real sign of the modern age when social media has had such a real impact on our lives. I remember when I changed my status from single to In A Relationship a friend (Steve aka Fruitloop) commented that “It’s not real until it’s on Facebook.” That’s really true these days. Say what you want about the site but Facebook is there to share the major (and minor) events in our lives.

Our relationship has been very modern and electronic from the start. We first connected in person as I was leaving the Round Up (bar). He was working the door and rubbed my belly as I left. After that though we chatted on Growlr and became Facebook friends before our first date. From there our romance played out online as our friends saw every check in and cute photo. That’s also why, if you’re a Dallas local, you might be thinking… “It’s only been a year?” Many people assumed we were a couple long before we made it official. I see a lot of stories about social media’s harm on dating. In our case social media did nothing but enhance our connection. But I believe we’re a great pair and compliment each other well so Facebook just made it easier to share the love.

I don’t know what the future holds but I looks forward to laughing and smiling for years to come.

P.S. Russ, this doesn’t mean you’re getting out of New Years 😀

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