An Open Letter to Xtube

Good afternoon Xtube,

I’m a fan of your website and according to my profile I’ve been a member for more than 7 years. Wow! How time flies. It’s hard to believe but your simple idea for a site where people can share personal photos and videos was actually years ahead of it’s time. Although you blazed the trail, competitors like Dropbox and Tumblr have sprinted ahead of you. Due to your lack of improvement or change you are at risk of becoming outdated and forgotten. However now is the perfect time to evolve and retake your claim as the kings of spank-me time. With electronic communication becoming predominantly mobile the internet has gotten a good scrub down by Apple’s no nudity and pornography standards. Tumblr, the raining champion of easy access and sharable porn is at a crossroads since the Yahoo corporation has bought them out earlier this year. Although Yahoo has vowed not to change anything, as time goes by there are bound to be some tweeks and every indicator points to change equaling no more porn. (It should be noted that many people do use Tumblr for non-naked activities but I don’t know any of this people) Because many companies have built they’re brand based on their app it is difficult for them to break free. Your fear of change and mobile use may have actually helped you because now you can start from scratch and learn from everyone else’s mistakes and successes.

In order to get back to the top though you must first improve your mobile site. This will be the key to your survival. Don’t waist time and money on an app because then you’ll be subject to Apple + Google’s mobile app standards. Keep it a simple mobile site that can be accessed with any standard web browser. There’s also no need to have a groundbreaking site with never before seen features. You just need something functional. My advice is to copy Youtube’s format and make minor adjustments. Once that’s done you need to make the mobile uploading of videos as easy as possible from Apple and Droid network devises. People want and use porn on the go. Luckily you already have a built in ‘subscribe’ feature that you can morph into a newsfeed/dashboard similar to Instagram or Facebook so user can scroll through recent uploads from they’re favorite friends. As you remodel your mobile site, don’t forget about the full version too. It’s long overdue for a makeover.  During this remodel you also need to remove 50% of the banner that clutter the screen because right now your site looks like a cluttered porn hoarder’s basement.. I’m sure those ads are the main revenue source for your business so you might be hesitant to cut them down. To offset the loss in add revenue I recommend asking members to pay a minor fee for increased features like advanced search options and nearby GPS member locating You’ll be able to keep the main site free but make those added bonuses worth a couple dollars.

There is a growing void in social media for a place where people can practice their sexual exhibitionism and voyeurism. Don’t pass up this opportunity to regain your former greatness. Help me Xtube, I’ve got a raging hard on and you’re my only hope. 

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