Theme Party: The 90’s

Theme parties are always fun and with Halloween around the corner you might find yourself planning one. I am here to help you make your party a huge success. Your party’s success is less about what you do and more about what you don’t do. Don’t pick the wrong theme and the worst theme out there is an 1980’s party. An 80’s theme party has been done more times than Jenna Jamison and like the her it needs to be retired and forgotten about.

Instead, set your watch ahead 10 years and throw a 90’s party! Those 10 years provide a plethora of style and options to choose from. Here is everything you’ll need for your epic 90’s bash.


90’s R&B                                Grunge
Brandy                                      Pearl Jam
SWV                                        Sound Garden
Boys II Men                              Blind Melon
En Vogue                                  Nirvana
KC and JoJo                            Green Day
Montell Jordan                          The Cranberries
Tony Toni Tone                         Stone Temple Pilots   
(Early) Mariah Carey                Alice in Chains
Bell Biv Devoe                          Hole
Arrested Development              Fiona Apple


Grunge– Grunge style has its roots in Punk and it easy to master. Girls: look for plaid shirts, army boots, over sized sweaters, baby doll dresses, chokers and dark lipstick. Remember this was long before bronzer and spray tans so pale skin and dark hair complete the look. Guys: Shearling jackets, baggy painter jeans, cargo pants, plaid flannel shirts, Doc Martin’s, and ratty/warn cardigans. Everything is oversized and slouchy. Grunge Style Icons: Kennedy (MTV VJ), Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love, the cast of entire Reality Bites, and the little girl bumble bee from the Blind Melon video.

Early Hip Hop– This was the decade where saggy pants began and backward clothes were immortalized by Kris Kross. Large basketball jerseys over white t-shirts, bright colored denim, tight velveteen shirts, cliche African tribal prints and multi-color leather jackets are all staples. Gold jewelry with your name on it was also huge, both in popularity and actual size. Hip Hop Style Icons: DJ Jazzie Jeff and the Fresh Prince, TLC, Coolio, 2Pac, and In Living Color.

Costume Ideas

The cast of Friends
Nancy Karrigan and Tonya Harding
Titanic Movie cast
TLC w/ condom eyeglasses 
Night at the Roxbury guys
Bill and Ted
Jay and Silent Bob
The Mighty Ducks
Thelma and Louise
The cast of Rent.

Blossom                          Keri Strug
Monica Lewinsky            Smelly Cat (from Phoebe’s song)
Amy Fisher                      the Uni-bomber
OJ Simpson                    Drugged out Courtney Love
Kerri Strug                      Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Edward Scissor Hands   Fran Drescher aka the Nanny

Extra details to add that 90’s flavor: Serve Zima shot specials, Give away free slap bracelets, Decorate with Troll Dolls and accessorize with Swatch Watches.


Stomp the Runway

In case you missed it, this is avant-garde designer Rick Owen’s Spring 2014 collection presented in Paris. It’s incredibly fun as well as ground breaking. Let me break it down for:

-Owens is a very well known and well respected designer in the fashion community. The clothes you are seeing are very real and in line with many of his other collections. His clothes are never ones you’d expect to see for sale at Kolhs.
-He wanted to pay homage to the long history of step teams and as well as using it as an opportunity to design clothes for women with realistic bodies and shapes.
-These women have thighs! To see a anyone other then a stick skinny model on a Paris runway is huge.
-Bravo Rick Owens. You just won my respect.

My So Called Leto

Who get’s your free pass?
Jared Leto is an actor as well as the lead singer of the band 30 Seconds to Mars. While many actors try and release an album in a feeble attempt at a music career, Leto is the real deal. His band has gone on to legitimate success apart from any acting fame. 
Talented actor AND musician… what’s the problem? 
Let’s be honest Jared Leto looks like he’d be an incredible douche bag. We’re talking Chris Angel level douche. I can’t imagine him as having a quick wit or likable personality. Instead I picture him and Kanye bonding over their disdain of fame and celebrity. On paper he’s the type of person who would normally invoke a huge eye roll.
With all this said, I still like him. I’m a huge fan and hope he has nothing but success in life.  There’s one pivotal detail I forgot to mention. In case you’ve forgotten, he played Jordan Catalano on the My So Called Life. It should also be mentioned that MSCL was one of the best shows EVER!  Buzzfeed needs to get their act together and do a Top 20 Reason Why My So Called Life was Perfect in Every Way. Ok, back to Jordan.. I mean Jared. Regardless anything else he does in life I’ll always like him and he’ll always get a free pass for the bad stuff. Jared Leto spit in your face? That’s ok, I still like him. Jared Leto hates puppies? That’s ok, I still like him. Jared Leto married Kristen Stewart and they’ve banned smiles and happiness around the world? That’s ok, I still like him. 
He and his character represented the perfect actualization of the ‘bad boy’ you love despite the fact that he’s a dick to you. Because that show will always have a place in my heart, Leto gets off easy. By the way, if you’ve never seen the show, it’s a must see. Also in case you’re wondering: Yes Claire Danes gets the same free pass. In fact hers might even be stronger than Leto’s. And yes she also seems like she might be a lady douche. But hey, I still like her.
1. 30 Seconds to Mars is pretty damn good 
2. My other Free Pass holder is Mayim Bialik who is in no way a douche.