8 Random Observations

1. Kim K and Kanye are engaged. How does the man who hates fame and publicity marry the biggest media leach in history? Regardless, I can’t wait for Kanye’s line to come out at Sears.

2. Bitstrips are the newest craze to take over Facebook. FYI they’re not cute or funny and just generally awful. AWFUL! You should be embarrassed every time you post one.

3. Instead, I’d prefer to see Unimpressed Dog become the next big meme. Here is the blank picture. Meme away.

4. Pope Francis, the 266th head of the Catholic church is making waves with his approachable and casual nature. It seems the church finally has a leader who wants to focus on inclusion and love rather than sin and judgement. He hasn’t completely overhauled the rules but is instead chosen the path of kindness.

5. While we’re on the subject of Popes… I’d love to know the true story behind Pope Benedict’s decision to step down. There’s got to be some serious drama and secrecy there. I’m talking Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes divorce level drama and secrecy.

6. If you didn’t think miracles were possible… this is Victoria Beckham before she was famous. Seriously.

7. I’ve noticed people jumping on the “I’m skipping TBRU this year” bandwagon purely because they think that’s what everyone else is doing. I’ve got a better idea, instead of TBRU, why don’t we all jump off a bridge instead!

8. When you go to a concert, do you spend more time watching the actual show or watching the show through your phone as you take video? We’re all guilty of it. Here’s a tip to being a good audience member: Put your phone away and enjoy in the moment. Sometimes a memory is better than a recorded image.

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