Post It Notes


This cute and harmless video has caused me a lot of frustration. It was taken one morning as I was getting back into bed after going to move me car. The video isn’t really sexual at all except for the fact that I’m momentarily naked. That quick shot of my twig and plums makes the video un-postable to any sharing app like Instagram, Streamzoo, and Tumblr. Yes you read that correctly I said Tumblr. The site that features cum facials, fucking, rimming and piss drinking felt my little video was unacceptable. I tried posting it twice and it was quickly removed for violating the sites content restrictions. Seriously? Seriously!

I stopped trying to post it because I’ve already been kicked off Instagram and Streamzoo once so I don’t want to push my luck. Apple’s far reaching no nudity policy is starting to be enforced more then ever. will let you post privately but that’s not fool proof either. Recently a friend of mine had all if his (private) hot cocksucking videos removed after lasting over a year. Tumblr I can’t figure out. Someone told me that Tumblr doesn’t like any videos posted directly to it’s site because of bandwidth limits. Instead videos have to be posted elsewhere and then shared on Tumblr. But where? I guess we’re only left to the clunky old faithful Xtube. If they were smart they’d improve their moble site and reclaim their dominance of the amateur spank bank industry.

What is a horny exhibitionist left to do? I’ve heard Flickr is also a possibility but I’ve never tried it so not sure if they allow videos. Any and all suggestions welcome. 🙂

One thought on “Post It Notes

  1. MORE MORE MORE!!!!!! the twig and berries was a nice quick show allowing us horny people the chance to use our imagination. We need to see that twig grow into a mature branch 🙂


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