Banksy is a graffiti artist who you may or may not have heard of despite his headline grabbing work in New York City recently. Like me, you may have heard the name but without much context or further information. I first heard of the artist while reading a funny article on Buzzfeed about an adorable dog who was caught peeing on a small street side work. Soon after a friend living in New York snapped a picture of the Sirens of the Lambs truck driving bye. The name caught my eye again and I filed the information in the back of my head for later research. Not surprisingly just as quickly as I saw the image I  forgot it. That was until Yahoo ran an article about an op-ed piece he had written that was rejected by the New York Times. That’s when I decided to find out what this Banksy chatter was all about. After some simple Googling, I found out that he is a British artist currently taking up residency in the Big Apple although his work can be found in several world cities. Although mainly know for street art, he is also a director, political activist and painter.

I must admit my first impression was of the Banky was quite negative. The Yahoo article discussed his failed op-ed piece about the new tower being built on the 9/11 site. He bashed the tower because he felt it was a boring architectural compromise. The whole story reeked of a cry for publicity and attention. I got the feeling that he was more stunt man than artist and I was ready to roll my eyes. However, after looking through the images of his signature stencil work I realized I was completely wrong. There was a delicate subversive humor and wit to his pieces that I didn’t expect. Rather than cover a random wall with generic tags, his work was clever and often is influenced by the surrounding. For example, a stone arch is transformed into a bridge for two Japanese geisha girls. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed what I saw. Rarely has my opinion taken such a turn. I look forward to seeing more of his past and future works and hopefully I’ve peeked your interest enough to give him a look as well. 

All images are from New York City and can be found on

8 Random Observations

1. Kim K and Kanye are engaged. How does the man who hates fame and publicity marry the biggest media leach in history? Regardless, I can’t wait for Kanye’s line to come out at Sears.

2. Bitstrips are the newest craze to take over Facebook. FYI they’re not cute or funny and just generally awful. AWFUL! You should be embarrassed every time you post one.

3. Instead, I’d prefer to see Unimpressed Dog become the next big meme. Here is the blank picture. Meme away.

4. Pope Francis, the 266th head of the Catholic church is making waves with his approachable and casual nature. It seems the church finally has a leader who wants to focus on inclusion and love rather than sin and judgement. He hasn’t completely overhauled the rules but is instead chosen the path of kindness.

5. While we’re on the subject of Popes… I’d love to know the true story behind Pope Benedict’s decision to step down. There’s got to be some serious drama and secrecy there. I’m talking Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes divorce level drama and secrecy.

6. If you didn’t think miracles were possible… this is Victoria Beckham before she was famous. Seriously.

7. I’ve noticed people jumping on the “I’m skipping TBRU this year” bandwagon purely because they think that’s what everyone else is doing. I’ve got a better idea, instead of TBRU, why don’t we all jump off a bridge instead!

8. When you go to a concert, do you spend more time watching the actual show or watching the show through your phone as you take video? We’re all guilty of it. Here’s a tip to being a good audience member: Put your phone away and enjoy in the moment. Sometimes a memory is better than a recorded image.

Post It Notes


This cute and harmless video has caused me a lot of frustration. It was taken one morning as I was getting back into bed after going to move me car. The video isn’t really sexual at all except for the fact that I’m momentarily naked. That quick shot of my twig and plums makes the video un-postable to any sharing app like Instagram, Streamzoo, and Tumblr. Yes you read that correctly I said Tumblr. The site that features cum facials, fucking, rimming and piss drinking felt my little video was unacceptable. I tried posting it twice and it was quickly removed for violating the sites content restrictions. Seriously? Seriously!

I stopped trying to post it because I’ve already been kicked off Instagram and Streamzoo once so I don’t want to push my luck. Apple’s far reaching no nudity policy is starting to be enforced more then ever. will let you post privately but that’s not fool proof either. Recently a friend of mine had all if his (private) hot cocksucking videos removed after lasting over a year. Tumblr I can’t figure out. Someone told me that Tumblr doesn’t like any videos posted directly to it’s site because of bandwidth limits. Instead videos have to be posted elsewhere and then shared on Tumblr. But where? I guess we’re only left to the clunky old faithful Xtube. If they were smart they’d improve their moble site and reclaim their dominance of the amateur spank bank industry.

What is a horny exhibitionist left to do? I’ve heard Flickr is also a possibility but I’ve never tried it so not sure if they allow videos. Any and all suggestions welcome. 🙂

Elaine Benes is the Best Friend You’ve Ever Had

 Meet Elaine Benes.

 She’s the perfect spunky New York gal pal.

 She knows all your secrets…

and will be there in your time of need… with a snack.

Hipsters? Elaine will have none of that.

And she’s dealt with internet bullying for years.
Did I mention she loves cake just as much as you do?
and she won’t nag you about not going to the gym.
Elaine is women with priorities.

 Just don’t piss her off or she’ll ruin your life!

 Be careful because Elaine is easily excited.

 She literally has moves like Jager

and deep down she’s as cynical and bitchy as you are. 

Joe’s Spank Me Time

I’m much more turned on by pictures/thoughts/memories of people I actually know rather then generic porn. (not to say generic porn doesn’t work…) This guy is a good example, I used to have a big crush on him back in the day and he’s still super sexy. Now he’s living happily with his partner in New York and we’re still friends via FB and IG. 
*Picture approved for use

Family Ties

If you’re like me, you’ve been on Facebook for a while and the only new friend requests come as a result of a random introduction at a party or change of jobs or cities. You’ve already friended everyone you already ‘really’ know unless they are not on the social network. You’ve looked up former classmates, old neighbors, and friendly ex’s. Let’s face it, if they’re not on your friend’s list yet they probably never will be. Facebook’s “Find People You May Know” feature is purely an excuse to scroll through a list of burley bears for guys you think are cute.

With all that said, earlier this week I actually found someone on Facebook I knew from the past.  I am now friend’s with my cousin Annie. Annie is a first cousin on my father’s side. Her mother is my father’s sister. My family has always been small and all of the family I grew up with is from my mother’s side. My father’s only sister moved to California when I was an infant and as a result we’ve never been very close. In the past 20 years I’ve seen my Aunt only a handful of times. As far as her children go (my cousins) I have no relationship with them what so ever. If we passed each other on the street I doubt we would recognize each other without context. There’s no bad blood or tension, just simply family members growing apart and living separate lives. I guess my father’s casual attitude toward his only sister rubbed off on us. They speak less than once a month but they both seem to be fine with that arrangement.

This all started Tuesday night as I was lying in bed. I realized that god forbid something happen to my parents, I would have no way to contact anyone from that side of the family. I didn’t know an address or phone number. The last time I was at their California estate was in 1997. It occurred to me that Facebook is the perfect tool for this situation and I should look them up. Well that was easier said than done. I was doing this all from my phone so my search options were limited. Knowing very little information about their current lives was only compounded by the fact that their last name is somewhat generic. Hundreds of hits would come back with every search. I decided to focus my search on Annie because she had gotten married and her married name was a bit more unique. Of course that was after a half hour of trying to remember her married name. My hope was she would have her last name hyphenated on FB as most married women do now so they can be found by childhood friends. Once I remembered the married name I searched for it alone and with luck there was only match… a name named Tom. Tom lived in her general area of California so I hoped this might be her husband. As you already know, if you’re not friends with someone you can only see very very limited information about them. He didn’t even have a relationship status. Son of a bitch! I enlarged his profile picture and thankfully Annie had commented on it. Bingo!

So now I have a link to family I’ve never really known. I don’t expect to become BFF’s but at least now we have a way of staying in contact. We can start to build a relationship through likes and status updates.