Pink Problems

I’ve always had very mixed feelings about the musician Pink. She’s is a very talented musician who has written and performed several great songs. She also does thinks that annoy the fuck out of me. Usually she’ll do something great that makes me start to like her but then just as quickly she’ll quickly come out with something that makes me roll my eyes all over again. I’ll be the first to admit most of my reasons for liking her and disliking her are trivial. For example, Pink is in a new movie Thanks for Sharing. When I saw the preview I thought to myself, “Wow it looks like Pink did a really good job. I may have to giver her another chance.” Literally less then a week later I read her interview and my old feelings of annoyance came rushing back. She gave an interview and was asked her feeling about Miley Cyrus’ infamous award show performance. This is what she said:

“Am I into it?” the rocker told me yesterday while promoting her big screen acting debut in Thanks for Sharing. “No, I think it’s tacky. She’s really freaking talented,” she said of the foam-finger-loving pop star. “She’s beautiful. She can sing her ass off and to go up there and do that? She’s cheating herself and she’s cheating the rest of us…She can do what she wants. People can like it if they want. I’m not going to buy it. She can do better. I’ve seen her do better.”
Without missing a beat, Pink cracked, “I twerk all the time like a mofo. There’s a place for that and it’s not on stage.”

*Eye roll* Where do I begin? To start with, at least Pink made her judgmental remarks in a professional way and was not ranting and raving. I’ll give her that credit. However she took a very superior tone throughout the whole interview. Apparently Miley’s stage performance was much to inappropriate and didn’t meet Pink high standards.

You might have agreed with every point Pink made and I’m not saying she’s completely wrong. My (very big) issue is that Pink is being a judgmental hypocrite. How can she sit and say “There’s a place for that and it’s not on stage” when she herself has performed Lady Marmalade in lingerie on stage at the Grammys back toward the beginning of her career. She even accepted an award with her fellow Marmaladies in a glorified bra and panties. So before she gets all high and mighty about artistic expression, she needs to remember where she came from and stop being such a hypocrite. In fact, if I was going to compare Cyrus to another musician, it would in fact be Pink. Unfortunately I’m left on the side on annoyance… maybe once I see the movie I can at least get back to neutral because when Pink is involves neutral is the best I can hope for.

On a side note: If you want an example of a star who answered the question a lot better look to Ms. Britney Spears. EOnline also asked her about the former Hannah Montana star. She provided judgment free
 praise. “I remember that age when I was just transferring into my career and doing more controversial things and the energy that you feel, all this chaos going on, and she is on fire right now, she’s just a ball full of energy,” Good job Brit. She even acknowledges her own controversial behavior at that age. Who thought Britney would turn into the well spoken elder stateswoman?

Visit to read Pink’s Interview and Britney’s Interview

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