NY Fashion Week Spring 2014

Last week was New York Fashion Week. There were some surprises and stand outs.
 A surprise favorite: The Row
I’ve never loved the Olsen twin’s ultra expensive clothing line. It’s usually a bit to stark and severe for my taste. That’s why I couldn’t have been more surprised when they turned out a feminine and wearable collection for for Spring 2014. Well done ladies. Keep it up!

A What Were They Thinking? moment: Rodarte
Rodarte is usually a super cool fashion label that gets tone of praise but maybe not as many sales. This season I think they were trying to be more commercial. Unfortunately something went horribly wrong and they turned out a collection that was a former farm girl turned mid-west rocker slut. Yikes!

Women will actually want to buy and wear: Oscar De la Renta and Victoria Beckham. 
Consistently clean and classic. The crazier looks get the headlines but these are the designers that are actually successful. Look for some of Oscar’s dresses on the red carpet of this month’s Emmy Awards.

Iconic American Fashion: Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors. 
This is how you build a fashion empire that is beloved from high end fashionistas to the bargin bin Marshalls customer. Perfection!  

Just plain ugly and awful: Marc Jacobs
I’ve never been a big MJ fan. This season didn’t do anything to change my mind either. I mean… when was the last time you heard someone say, “I wish it had more tassels.” Are you kidding me? The funny thing is that Jacobs is hugely successful. I wonder if it’s all a big joke? I wonder if he sits around and tries to make the ugliest clothing possible to see if people will still buy it.

Favorite Moment: Naomi Campbell closing Diane von Furstenberg


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