10 Shows You Didn’t Know Were Still On

You probably watched these shows at one point in your life but assumed they have long been cancelled. Not true… here are 10 shows you didn’t realize were still on.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire in syndication
It’s now a day time game show. One hosted by Meredith Vieira, now it’s Cedric the Entertainer at the helm.

Survivor on CBS
I’m surprised they haven’t run out of deserted tropical islands. Idea! Maybe next should be Survivor: Detroit

America’s Next Top Model on CW
The most recent season included both male and female models.

Real World on MTV
The current season is Real World: Portland.

What Not to Wear on TLC
It took a long hiatus but Stacy and Clinton are back for their 10th and final season.

 Family Feud in syndication
This show will never die.

Who Do You Think You Are started on NBC now on TLC
Did you ever watch it on NBC? Probably not. It managed to get a death row pardon from TLC.

Two and a Half Men on CBS
The kid is grown and Charlie is gone… It’s time to call it a wrap.

Dateline on NBC
What ever happened to Stone Phillips?

The Biggest Loser on NBC
Fatties on tv losing a lot of weigh very fast. Cut to thin bobble heads with saggy skin. 

*It should be mentioned that (classic)  Law and Order went of the air several years ago despite being rerun at every moment of the day.

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