The 30th Annual VMAs: A Quick Wrap Up

Winner of the Night?

Miley Cyrus. Whether you loved or hated her performance, she’s stole every headline away from music’s biggest stars despite loosing in every category for which she was nominated. Is it slut shamming or self expression? Who cares. It’s publicity.

Loser of the Night?

Katy Perry. She got no screen time during the show and when it was time for her performance most people had already shut off the tv. It’s not her fault, the closing act is always a tough slot. As soon as the final envelope is opened we’re all ready to run. Perry gave a good performance but it wasn’t flashy enough to overcome the other artists or the shitty time slot. It also doesn’t help that she hit the red carpet in a gown already worn by model Coco Rocha at the Met Gala.

The Most Grateful?

Ben Affleck. Talk of the VMAs diverted the public’s attention away from their hatred over him as Batman. (For the records, I don’t get why everyone is so angry)

Honorable Mention:

Lady Gaga. She was the perfect mix of crazy and fun to make it a great. Plus, the opening act is the best slot of the night. Everyone is excited to see the show and there’s need to out-do previous acts. (Learn from this Katy)

Macklemore + Ryan Lewis. The Same Love performance was too simple to grab attention yet still very good. Side note: Where did JHud come from?

I Wanted More Of:

N’Sync. I’ll be honest, I got a little bored during JT’s performance and was hoping for much more than the 30 seconds he gave his former band mates. Plus, of all the N’Sync hits…. why did they chose Girlfriend??

Laughable Loss of Street Credit:

2 Chainz. Nothing kills thug-street-cred like showing up to an awards show wearing the same thing as someone else. Oh… did I mention he was wearing the same thing as a female singer Grimes.. and the ‘thing’ in question were silk pants…. Yeah Really. 

All in all I think it was a good show. Everyone stuck true to their image. If you were a fan of the artist performing you probably loved their performance. If you hated the whole show and bitched about it on Facebook, you’re our generation’s version of a crotchety old complainer: Although you may have some good points, your over all anger says more about you than the actual subject you’re complaining about.

P.S. The real loser of the night? Kanye. I bet you already forgot he was even there.

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