Phone Wars

Apple is set to announce the iPhone 5s in early September. Insiders are expecting a finger print security censor along with updated software and hardware. There is also talk that a low price ‘economy” model might appear. Whatever happens I doubt it will be earth shattering. I love my iPhone and have no issue with it. Apple has been the leader for a long time but now Droids have caught up. There are not a lot of major differences among smart phones these days. If you want an extra big screen go for the GalaxyS4 and if you want a personal assistant named Siri pick up an iPhone. Its now down to the minor details. Either way you’re getting a good devise.

I’ve stuck with the iPhone for a couple reasons. First, just the act of switching over to a new devise is so unappealing that I’ll have an iPhone for a long time. Also there has never been a Droid different or special enough to make me overcome that hurdle. Second, I like Apple’s operating system much better then Droid’s. The Droid system seems like a clunky wanna-be sister to iOS. The Jan Brady to her prettier sister Marsha. I have nothing against Droids but my general feeling has always been “Yes they are nice, but my iPhone is pretty much the same so I’ll just stick with what I’ve got.”

Then there are those bizarre Windows phones. I’ve always heard very mixed reviews about the Windows smartphone. Many of the complaints center around the phones lack of apps because Windows phones are not part of the Apple or Droid networks. It also doesn’t help that the icons are in the style of old school clip art. If Droids are Jan Brady, then the Windows phones are Alice the maid. Now with the Nokia Lumia, Alice the maid ha gotten a makeover complete with a tit job and some botox. Windows made a bold step forward and released a phone with a 41 megapixel camera. 41! That’s a huge deal. The current iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4 have an 8 and 13 megapixel camera respectively. With a camera that’s more than triple its nearest competitor I took notice. I’m not saying I want to switch but I think it’s worth making note of. Over the next couple years, if Windows catches up with apps and operating systems they could be a real competitor in the smartphone race. If nothing else, they deserve the ‘One to Watch‘ Award.

One last note about Apple: Apple is at a pivitol point. Now that their competition has caught up to them, Apple needs to pull out the big guns. Don’t hold back, stop edging and blow your big thick load! You don’t have the luxury of pacing yourself anymore. I doubt anything earth shattering will come from the 5s but with the 6 there is a genuine opportunity to reveal the next industry changing idea. Or will history repeat itself and see Apple slide into another sales slump much like it did in the early 90s? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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