Material Girl: $1000

Do you consider $1000 a lot of money? I do and it would dramatically change my life. When I moved to Dallas I started from scratch in many ways but especially with regards to furniture. I bought a mattress and a sofa on day one and they remain the only two major furniture pieces I have. The living room, dinning room, and bedroom all need a little help. I looked around and I’d be able to get all the basics items I need (and genuinely like) for $1000.  Here’s a real life look at what I’d buy:

I can’t have more then one person over at a time because they would have no where to sit. (my sofa is a 2 seater) This chevron stripped armless chair would provide a much needed third seat if I entertained.

A dining table is at the top of my list of items to buy. I like eating at a table rather then on my lap on the couch. Plus it would do double duty as a desk I could type on. I thought about just buying a desk but I thought it would look strange in the dining area.

 If I buy a table I need chairs. 4 chairs to be specific. These chairs would also help with the lack of general seating. 

My bedroom needs the most work. Even though I have a large walk in closet, I still need a chest of drawers for things like socks, sweaters and underwear. I’m obsessed with this blue bureau from Ikea!

The beautiful blue bureau will also be important because I’ll need a place to put the TV. The absolute thing I miss the most is having a TV that I can watch in bed before I go to sleep.

$119.99 + $129.00 + $64.99 + $64.99 + $299.00 + $228.00 = $905.97 + 8% sales tax = $978.45

Furniture and products via Walmart, Target, and Ikea.

Next Time: Lets see what a $10,000 budget buys!


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