I Love New York (Part 2)

New York City!

Russell and I arrived at Grand Central in sun drenched New York City around 1pm on Friday July 5th. Taking the train was both practical and a great way to see the world’s most famous train station.  If you’re taking a first timer to the city, Grand Central is a perfect introduction. It was earlier then I had planned and therefore had some extra time for sight seeing.

I grew up in Connecticut and have made many trips into New York throughout my life. Despite that I’ve never done or seen many of the famous landmarks the city is known for. With this in mind I did some research ahead of time on what to see and do. I found a great website that had a suggested itinerary for seeing New York in one day. Before we saw the sights we had to check into our hotel. Our hotel, the W Hotel on Lexington Ave was just a short walk from the GC station. Staying at a W Hotel had been on my bucket list and the hotel didn’t disappoint. The luxury was in the details. The room was small but modern design, Bliss bath products, and a mini bar selection that included condoms and lube made up for the tiny space. Plus the staff was incredibly nice and helpful. After a shower we headed toward Time Square via Rockefeller Center and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The whole time we were in Rockefeller Center a small part of me wanted to see Liz Lemon scamper by.

One of the top recommendations I found was for the top of Rockefeller Center and it’s 360 degree view of the city. Before this trip I never knew 30 Rock had such an amazing view. The Top of the Rock is a little pricey but offers amazing views making it a MUST SEE if you’ve never gone. I’d recommend it over going to the top of the Empire State Building because this way you can have a picture of the famous landmark rather then a picture from it. Plus you can see all of Central Park and how enormous is really it. It was an amazing site.We went during the day but I’m sure it even more amazing at night.

After getting a sky high view it was time to get ready for our big Broadway show. The big splurge of our trip was orchestra seats at The Book of Mormon. As I said in my previous post, my boyfriend is a big fan of showtunes and had already memorized all of the song long before ever seeing it. I on the other hand had very limited exposure and didn’t know what to expect other then some religious shenanigans. Our seats were great and the show was so good that I even downloaded a couple of the songs from iTunes afterward. The South Park creators’ unique style was evident but but taken to such a higher level. I was impressed. Thumbs Up! Plus, I’m typing this three days later and I still have the music stuck in my head.

Saturday we met up with a bunch of friends and hit the streets ready to tackle the city. Mother Nature wasn’t going to  make it an easy day either. The temp got up to a steamy 95 degrees and sweet started early. At one point I may have likened our walk to a Bataan Death March… but lets just say it was HOT. Our first stop was Bethesda Fountain in Central Park. (Think Amy Adams dancing in Enchanted) We ended up walking through about a quarter of the park and I had sweat stains a quarter of the way into that quarter. It was worth it when we got a fresh dose of some New York crazy via an old man in a white thing doing Jesus poses. Here’s a good tip: If you ever need a stranger to take a group picture don’t ask the trust worth married couple instead ask their tween daughter . She’ll quickly know how to use your phone and take plenty of shot to get a good one.

After the park we hoped on the subway toward the Staten Island Ferry. The boat ride is free and offers a picturesque views of the city skyline, the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, and Ellis Island. Also, did I mention its FREE!?! If you ever decide to go, don’t be intimidated by the hundreds of people packed into the lobby of the ferry station. I walked in and thought it was going to be hours until it was our turn on the boat. Don’t worry. The building will be full of people but you’ll all fit on the boat with room to spare. Our boat ride was relaxing and provided many photo opportunities. I even had an genuine gay gasp moment when I recognized the orange railing from the famous Staten Island episode of Sex and the City where Charlotte is drunk on her way back home. You can’t get better views and I still can imagine why its free. Another MUST SEE. Tip: If you go during cooler weather bundle up because there is a strong breeze.

We ended the evening in Times Square to see all the neon and lights at night when they come alive. The last must see is so great that I hesitate to talk about it  because I don’t want it to become over run by the general public. (As if I have that many readers lol) What I’ll say is that we went to a lounge/bar with the most amazing view of Times Square. The table we sat at was reserved for New Years Eve with a $30,000 price tag. The bar was luxurious and the drink were tasty and expensive but the price is worth it for the view. The women at the table next to us said it perfectly “I love it up her because its quiet and you get the amazing view without having to be among all the dirty crazy people.” Contact me privately for the location of this secret gem.

New York Observations:

-A funny thing kept happening whenever we got into a taxi. I’d say a landmark such as Bethesda Fountain in Central Park or the Eugene O’Neil Theater on Broadway and each time the cabdriver would have no idea what we were talking about and want a street address. Strange.

-New York: A City of Sixes. I’ve long noticed, and this trip further cemented my opinion that there is a lack of hot men in New York City. NYC is the capitol of the world and you’d expect  it to be crawling with super hotties. Not true. I’m not saying they’re ugly… they’re just running short on bears. If you share the same taste in men as I do the city if full of 6’s. Mostly lean gays with a light spray tan and gym membership. You’ll sadly be disappointed with the lack of big beefy chubs and cubs.

-We we’re joined on our NYC adventure by four wonderful friends who brought extra life and laughs to our day. Thank you guys for a great weekend.

-Photos courtesy of Me, Josh, Justin, Russell, Bo and Sean. 

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