Forbidden Love

Do you have a dream outfit or look that you’ve always wanted to wear? Ok, I can already hear everyone responding with a resounding NO. Well I have a dream outfit and it so simple yet so hard to achieve. First we start out with the crown jewel and center piece of the look: A silk woven/knit tie. You know the kind that are cut straight across at the bottom. They make my heart swoon. Pair that with a relaxed oxford shirt that’s either short sleeve or rolled up to the elbow. Clean khakis, a canvas belt and Sperrys finish off the look to give a New England claim bake via J.Crew feel. At this point you might be wondering why my dream has never become reality. Why have I never even owned a square cut knit tie? The problem is in the shirt. (My sexy big guy readers already know where I’m going with this one)

I have a thick neck. A very thick neck. So thick in fact that its disproportionate to the rest of my body. Well disproportionate when it comes to buying shirts. My shirt/neck size is about 19-20. According to the standard sizing guide on that size shirt has a 56-58 inch chest size. My actual chest measures in at about 46 inches. Tah-dah! So I must make a Sophie’s style choice. Fit my body and say goodbye to wearing ties or fit my neck and wear a circus tent. I have always chosen body over neck and that brings us back to my dream knit tie look. It was just not meant to be. I was not built to wear a tie. Dressing up is my biggest fashion weakness and whenever I have to rise to the occasion I pull out my handy sweater vest to distract from my unbuttoned collar. I’m a t-shirt and shorts bear. But hey… at least I look good naked.

One addition note: The shoes are also a big problem. Sperry Topsiders go great with this outfit but in general they don’t fit my wide feet. I also included a picture of the Cole Haan wingtips that are my ALL TIME FAVORITE DREAM SHOES… that also don’t fit my caveman style feet. Come on CH can’t you start making them in wide?!?

*P.S. I appreciate but do not need any advice or help with shirt size and shoe size. I’m an Olympic level shopper and believe me when I tell you… I’ve been there and done that. I’ve looked into all the options. Yes, I’ve also bought the enormous shirt and brought it to a tailor to be taken in and almost completely re-sewn. Believe me it didn’t look good.  

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