A Historic Day

History was made today when the Federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was ruled to be unconstitutional. It means that if you are legally married in one of the allowed states, the Federal Government must offer you the same rights and protections as it does to straight couples. The war is not over but this was an enormous victory. When ever I hear about victories in the gay right movement I have mixed feelings. I am happy for the victory but a little angry that it took this long. Back in 2010 when Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was repealed I wrote a blog titled In The Navy. I’ll use the similar words to sum up my feelings: 
“Basic Civil Right issues like this always make me laugh a little. I just picture our children being shocked that gay people were not able to [get married]. Just like we look back at Rosa Parks and are astonished that she was not able to sit in the front of the bus. It’s seems so simple and such a basic right, how could the government be so behind the times? The analogy could be made 100 different ways. Women’s right to vote, interracial marriage, etc…all of these very difficult fights are now so common they almost seem out of date. Oh, and remember when Shannon Faulkner dared to enroll at the Citadel? That too was going to ‘bring down’ the military like gay marriage is supposed to bring down society. Hopefully [gay marriage] will go the way of all the others and become everyday and common place. The way it always should have been. When we are finally awarded the same rights as everyone else I imagine the general consensus will be “Well Duh, it’s about time.” So with that I applaud the Supreme Court for bringing the country into the 20th century.” 

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