What Makes You Hard?

My recent post If You Think I’m Sexy dealt mostly with situational and circumstantial sex appeal. This time I’m going to put all that aside and focus mainly on the physical. What turns you on when you look at a man? You might be won over by a cute face while others just look for body and physique. If you didn’t already know, I tend to be fickle. I can list half a dozen of celebrities I hate for no reason. When it comes to sexual attraction the same rings true. One random feature, unimportant to anyone else, can be a total boner killer. Conversely an otherwise unimpressive guy can instantly win me over with an equally minor feature. If I’m honest there’s not always a  rhyme or reason to my thinking either.

As I started to write this post, I made a list of all the features that turn me on. My list includes but is not limited to:

Erect erasure nips
A big round belly
A belly that hangs over the waistband 
A meaty ass
Good skin
Low hanging egg size balls

Broad shoulders
A thick neck
Shorter is better

There’s a lot of common traits aren’t on my list because I don’t have a strong preference for them either way. For example, race isn’t a deal maker or breaker for me even though its the end all for some. We all have that one friend who’s dick only gets hard for ________. (fill in the blank with any minority group, Asian, Latinos, etc) In addition, although I’m a bear you’ll notice body hair is not on my list either. Hairy or smooth? I don’t care. I only have one requirement when it comes to fur. Please don’t be super hairy and super skinny. I just can’t do it and neither can my penis. Skinny and hairless is cool. If you’re fat and hairy come sit on my face. But if you’re a 28 waist and have a permanent angora sweater the best we’ll be in Gurl friends.

The other point I should make is that the list above is by no means complete nor a requirement. Like I said, I’m fickle. If you have one or more features then you’re off to a good start but it doesn’t guarantee access to my dick. You might have the hottest belly and the thickest neck but if your body odor punches me in the face, I’M OUT! In the same vein, you might have nothing listed but your charm and sex appeal puts me over the edge. People often under estimate the power of charm but I’m the biggest sucker for it every time.  Every time.

I realize that Good Skin might stand out as odd amongst my list of thick and round qualities. It’s true though. After selling skin care for many years I notice when a guy has nice clear
soft skin. My friend Gates always comes to mind when I think of soft skin. That wasn’t the only reason he had/has access to my dick, but it definitely helped. 

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